What Spider-Man: Homecoming's Director Thinks of Using Morbius & Blade

Spider-Man Blade

Blade’s MCU debut could be just a Spider-Man film away. You can rule out the Wall-Crawler taking on Swarm, a supervillain composed of millions of bees, or Big Wheel, a baddie who drives a well-armed large metal wheel; however, director Jon Watts isn’t ruling out more well-known villains like Chameleon and Morbius appearing in the Homecoming sequel. And if he went with the latter, he thinks it would be “neat” if Blade the Vampire Hunter showed up to help Spidey track down the Living Vampire.

With Spider-Man: Homecoming receiving positive reviews and box office analysts forecasting a $200M global opening this weekend, you can’t blame anyone looking ahead to the eventual sequel. In a recent interview, ideas for the sequel’s villain(s) were bounced off of Watts, and when Morbius was mentioned, he remarked that the character – a brilliant doctor whose quest to cure himself of a rare blood disease inadvertently gives him vampire-like features and abilities -- is “kind of cool” and could open the door for Blade.

While chatting with We Got This Covered, Watts had this to say:

Morbius, the Living Vampire

“The tone of the character is pretty dark, but the vampire/Marvel Universe thing is pretty cool. Maybe we could get Blade to show up, too? That’d be neat.”

Ever since Marvel Studios reacquired the film rights to Blade in 2013, fans have speculated when and how the ultimate vampire hunter will make his entrance into its cinematic universe. There have been plenty of rumors over the past four years, though none of have bared fruit -- so far.

Wesley Snipes, the star of the previous trilogy, made it clear that he is more than willing to reprise the role he made famous, but that’s probably not in the cards. Unless, Marvel wants to have the 54-year-old actor pass the torch to Blade’s 16-year-old daughter, Fallon Grey – which is one of the more popular rumors that made the rounds.

Kraven the Hunter

As for Chameleon, a non-powered villain who can flawlessly mimic the appearance and mannerisms of virtually anyone, Watts questions whether his skillset is worth the screen-time.

“Yeah, Chameleon’s cool. I wonder is it that cool of an ability nowadays? Like, we’d have to come up with a way to make him to be more than just that. But Chameleon is great and he’s also one of the earlier day villains. I mainly focused on the bad villains as just a joke because there are so many really silly guys. Like Big Wheel. [laughs] So I’ve kind of done the wrong research so far in who the next villain could be. Swarm… [laughs]”

Obviously, lots of characters like Chameleon have appeared on the small and big screen, so Watts makes a valid point; however, Chameleon is the only one of those that is the half-brother of Kraven the Hunter. And since many fans would jump for joy if the sequel ended up inspired by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck’s classic 1987 storyline Kraven’s Last Hunt, Chameleon could be used as the catalyst that leads to Kraven hunting his toughest prey: Spider-Man!

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Source: We Got This Covered

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