Jon Stewart Talks Leaving 'The Daily Show' in Pre-Show Q&A

Jon Stewart Daily Show program for veterans

Two weeks from now, Jon Stewart is going to be issuing his final goodbyes to Comedy Central and The Daily Show as he takes the stage one final time on August 6th before handing off his beloved satirical comedy series to new host Trevor Noah in September. However, the New Jersey comedian still has a few things to say.

Before every taping of the program, Stewart typically does a Q&A with his studio audience, which is sometimes referenced during the show itself. However, these sessions never make it into the public eye… until now, as a new video has been released by Comedy Central (above) featuring Stewart discussing some of his future, post-Daily Show plans.

The most intriguing thing to hear from Stewart in this video is that he plans to continue, and perhaps intensify, his stand-up after concluding his run as host of the show. The reason this is a big deal is because it could open up the man up to a more long-form style of his existing material. While he still does occasional stand-up around the New York area, he rarely goes out to perform on a regular basis, and thus, when he does, a fair chunk of his material is just regurgitated (but still funny) jokes from TDS.

Jon Stewart Daily Show program for veterans

In a best case scenario, when Stewart returns to the stand-up scene more regularly, there’s a high likelihood of him starting to turn out specials like some of his colleagues. Specials that would, most likely, debut on Comedy Central as one-off events. Really, that’s the best case scenario in a post-Jon Stewart’s Daily Show world. He gets the time off he so desperately needs to breathe, and we don’t find ourselves at a loss of Jon Stewart humor for too long of a time.

Barring any unforeseen “serious” news stories, there’s no reason to think Stewart isn’t going to go out swinging during his final eight broadcasts. The only question, really, is how far Comedy Central is willing to let him go as we inch closer to August 6th.

The Daily Show airs weeknights @11pm on Comedy Central.

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