Jon Stewart Considering Leaving 'Daily Show' in 2016?

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The Daily Show is, bar-none, one of the best pieces of television currently in existence. Four times a week, Jon Stewart takes the world’s political and social stage to task in brutally honest satire that crosses both sides of the line depending on the day. However, there’s a chance we could soon live in a world without the famed comedian.

Buried at the tail end of an interview with The Daily Beast for his upcoming movie, Rosewater, Stewart addressed the matter of his Comedy Central contract coming to a conclusion in 2015. However, his statements on the matter are far from reassuring.

It’s so hard to think about it in the crucible of finishing the movie up and everything else. It would be like making a decision about whether or not to keep exercising at mile 24 of a marathon. So, I’m gonna try and gain some distance and perspective so that when I make the decision, it’s not when my calves are cramping.

To be fair, Stewart isn’t saying he isn’t going to renew his contract, he’s just saying right now is not the time to think about it. However, the fact he didn’t flat out say “of course I’m going to renew” does stir some feathers. In the last two years, the world of late night’s gone through a massive line-up shift from The Tonight Show all the way down to Chelsea Lately, so of course at some point Stewart’s name was going to be thrown into the mix. However, there could be a simpler explanation to this.

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Stewart’s still a businessman like anyone else working in entertainment and this statement could be a negotiating tactic in the same vein we saw from Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios President Kevin Fegie prior to Downey’s commitment to Avengers 3 and Captain America: Civil War. By putting it out into the public space he could leave, Stewart’s giving Comedy Central reason to fight harder for him. While John Oliver may have succeeded two summers ago, it was done so under the guise of Stewart’s eventual return. If he were to leave for good, it’s hard to imagine anyone else being able to fill the chair nearly as successfully - though Oliver has certainly proven himself on HBO.

Rosewater movie directed by Jon Stewart (2014)

Also, these statement’s don’t match ones the comedian made with Jerry Seinfeld on an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee where Stewart claimed he is only now just getting into a groove with the show, and that it’s taken him this long to turn it into something that’s uniquely his. Not to mention the fact Comedy Central plans on using The Daily Show to spring-board Stephen Colbert’s replacement series, The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore. Right now, the network needs Stewart more than ever, and there’s no way they’re going to let him go without a fight.

...Then again, depending on the success of Rosewater, Stewart may have his eye on a new career phase behind the camera.

Source: The Daily Beast

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