What Jon Hamm Would Look Like as Batman

A digital artist imagines what Jon Hamm would look like as the lead character in Matt Reeves' The Batman movie. Ben Affleck's status as Bruce Wayne in Warner Bros.' unofficially titled DC Extended Universe remains in limbo. The actor has been on the fence about leaving the role since the start of the year, but he has yet to commit to a final decision. Affleck was tapped to write, direct, and star in The Batman at first, but he eventually relegated himself simply to a starring role.

Upon Affleck's exit from the film's creative side, Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes' Matt Reeves signed on to write and direct the standalone DC film, with Affleck still set to star as the Caped Crusader. However, since Reeves is planning a full-fledged Batman trilogy of his own, Affleck is expected to be recast as the Dark Knight in the near future, with perhaps a younger actor taking over his role. Jake Gyllenhaal, who was in contention for Christopher Nolan's Batman in the early 2000s, is reportedly among the frontrunners to take over for Affleck, with Mad Men's Jon Hamm also interested in the role - but there's no telling who will eventually play the latest version of Gotham's protector, should Affleck's recasting go through.

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While DC Comics fans await Ben Affleck's final decision, as well as who Warner Bros. chooses as their next Caped Crusader, digital artist Bryan Fiallos imagined what Jon Hamm would look like as Batman in concept art posted on Instagram. You can check out his rendering of Hamm as the Dark Knight below:

Jon Hamm as Batman, i like this casting. But Affleck is just perfect for the role. #jonhamm #jonhammbatman #newbatman #thebatman #batmanmovie #batman #brucewayne #dc #dcmovies #dceuart #dceu #manofsteel #batmanvsuperman #suicidesquad #WonderWoman #justiceleague #benaffleck #batsuit

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For now, Affleck's last appearance as the DCEU's Batman will reportedly be in the Flashpoint adaptation, based on Geoff Johns' 2011 comic book crossover event of the same name and starring Ezra Miller as the Flash, though there's no telling when (or if) that movie will ever happen. The Flash solo movie has been in various stages of development since the late 2000s, with multiple writers and directors signing up and exiting the project over time. While the studio has finally come up with a definitive plan, they have yet to find a director willing to shepherd the film onto the big screen.

If Hamm does end up playing Batman in the DCEU - or at least in Reeves' Batman trilogy - it will be interesting to see what type of ramifications the recasting will have on the shared universe as a whole. The last time a major superhero was recast in the middle of a series or franchise was in the '90s, with Warners replacing Michael Keaton with Val Kilmer and then eventually with George Clooney - and that didn't work out so well for them. Hopefully, things turn out much better this time around.

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Source: Bryan Fiallos/Instagram

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