Jon Gosselin Removes Son From Behavioral Health Institute After Begging to Leave

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Jon Gosselin removed his son from a behavioral health institute after he begged for his father to free him. Jon was known to be on the outs with most if children thanks to his hands-off approach, but in recent years he has seemingly stepped up.

Jon and Kate Gosselin rose to fame on their TLC show Jon and Kate Plus Eight in 2004 after the birth of their sextuplets, Hannah, Collin, Leah, Aaden, Alexis, Joel, and Leah. The six children joined their older siblings, Madelyn and Cara, who are twins. The reality couple divorced in 2010 after ten years of marriage. Recently, Jon has accused his ex-wife of being emotionally abusive towards his children, saying that his children have shown signs of trauma.

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The once famous reality star-turned-DJ and father of eight recently removed his son from the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute after Collin wrote him a letter begging for help. In a letter dated back to June of 2017, acquired by Us Weekly, it showed Collin, who was diagnosed with ADHD, asking his father if he could live with him. The 15-year-old wrote that he was not trying to trick his father and still loved him. The letter from his son said that he has asked his mother, Kate, but she had told him no. Collin went as far as to say his mother had been very abusive to him after Jon had left the household and to use this letter in court to free him. Collin’s roommate at the health institute reportedly smuggled out the letter for him.

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Jon now has custody of Collin and his sister Hannah. Jon reportedly said that his ex-wife just could not handle their son and locked him away in the special needs institute, essentially forgetting about him. He said that Collin had no contact with anyone for three and a half years, which he felt was "inhumane." Jon said he received the letter, which was written in crayon and was horrified by what he read. Jon immediately got a lawyer and applied for joint custody, but Collin was then moved to a new institution five hours away in Pittsburg. Eventually, Jon won the battle and Collin was released into his father’s custody. The proud father even made a note that Collin had already made the honor roll in his new school, implying he is adjusting well to his new living situation.

It is hard for fans of the show to believe that Kate would have been so cruel to one of her eight children. Kate had a spin-off show called Kate Plus Eight where it seemed she did run a tight house and was strict, but no one would have thought she would be cruel to one of them.  Fans are elated to hear that Collin is doing well in his new life, living with his father.

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Source: Us Weekly

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