Jon Favreau Talks Iron Man (Barely)

Since I'm known for my glee in covering all things Iron Man I'll fill you in on the latest published interview with Jon Favreau. It's a couple of months old from the timeline mentioned in the interview and he doesn't divulge much. For the record I think that's a good thing... if there's one movie I don't want to be to spoiled about before watching it this is it, although that makes it awfully difficult to cover here on the site. :-)

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned the most significant bit of info mentioned is that Favs is apparently not shooting for a 90 minute run time, which was feared by many. He states that the length will be:

"Probably between [an hour and 45 minutes and two hours]. I don't think it should go much longer than two. We have to see how it plays."

Personally, I'm hoping for closer to two hours. Iron Man will play more like a action/spy film than a comic book movie and therefore could use a bit more screen time IMHO.

He also pretty much confirmed that there will be a new commercial for the film aired during the Superbowl (Tivos at the ready!)

As to whether Hillary Swank and/or Samuel L. Jackson will appear, he was pretty tight lipped and would neither confirm nor deny. Same went for any appearance by the Hulk (which I think is a bogus rumor, BTW). He knows how to handle the online media: If you give the same response to every rumor anything is possible, or nothing at all. :-)

He also said that he does have a very small cameo that could grow into a larger role. If that doesn't say "Happy Hogan," I don't know what does.

Iron Man opens on May 2nd, 2008.

Source: MTV

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