Jon Favreau’s Star Wars TV Show Will Reportedly Cost $100 Million

Jon Favreau's live-action Star Wars TV series will reportedly have a budget of $100 million. A major change is coming soon to the galaxy far, far away. After decades of live-action content on the big screen, Disney and Lucasfilm are bringing a live-action Star Wars TV show to Disney's streaming service in the near future. The series is being created by Favreau and he's quickly moving through various stages of development and pre-production.

However, there isn't a lot of concrete information on the project at this time. Reports have pointed to the Star Wars series starting production this fall, but that's yet to be confirmed. They'll need a cast and crew before any of this gets going, but fans have long been wondering just how grand a live-action Star Wars series can be. Based on the latest batch of information, Disney doesn't plan on being cheap with it.

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NY Times reports Favreau's live-action Star Wars series has a $100 million production budget, roughly. With the series set to feature 10 episodes, that gives Favreau around $10 million per episode. A budget of that size isn't common on TV, pointing to a huge scope or big name talent, or both. This budget also make Favreau's series one of the largest productions for Disney's streaming service so far.

The easiest competitor for Favreau's series in terms of budget is HBO's Game of Thrones. The hit series also has a $10 million per episode budget, allowing for the massive sets, big stars, and more to be featured. Many were hoping this would be the route Disney would go with the first live-action Star Wars show, so this is going to be welcomed news for many fans. With a budget equal to some major Hollywood releases, Favreau's show, hopefully, will match the big screen feel of Star Wars. And with the help of some noteworthy production designers, the early signs point to the series achieving this.

As for what the series will actually be about, that is still unclear. Favreau confirmed the series takes place before The Force Awakens but after Return of the Jedi. This will be one of the first instances of Star Wars exploring this time period. Reportedly, the series will revolve around and take place on Mandalore. There's potential for it series to truly stand alone and maybe even feature characters from Star Wars Rebels or The Clone Wars in a new setting. Fans would, undoubtedly, be excited if Sabine Ren makes an appearance in any way, which is certainly in the cards. It all depends on how connected the show is going to be to the larger universe at hand. Based on its budget, Favreau should have the resources to do whatever he wants.

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Jon Favreau's live-action Star Wars TV series is expected to debut on Disney's streaming service in 2019.

Source: NY Times

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