Jon Bernthal Spotted Near Walking Dead Set, Will Shane Return?

Jon Bernthal was recently spotted near the set for AMC’s The Walking Dead in Senoia, GA. As fans of the show will remember, Bernthal played the character Shane Walsh, who was one of the main leads in the show's first two seasons.

Starting on the fitting day of October 31st, The Walking Dead made its debut on AMC in 2010 with a short first season consisting of only six episodes. While it was a short start to the series, it quickly began to break records. Bernthal’s character of Shane Walsh was an important character from the beginning. It had been explained through flashbacks that Shane was Rick Grimes partner on the police force prior to the zombie apocalypse. It was a relief when viewers discovered that Rick’s son, wife, and even his partner survived the epidemic but a love triangle eventually formed between Rick, Lori, and Shane. Things escalated rather quickly in season 2 and Rick has no choice but put an end to his partner’s madness in the second season's penultimate episode. But now, it appears that he could potentially return to the series.

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Jon Bernthal was seen with the current crew of The Walking Dead near the show's set. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus had posed for a photo with a group of kids, with Bernthal walking in the background. You can take a look at the photo below.

Right after I took the food photo they walked in!!!!! (Shane,Rick,Daryl)😍😭

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The Walking Dead season 9 is currently in production, which means there is a slight possibility that Bernthal could be returning for the series, at least in a flashback. After all, he's been busying filming the second season of his hit Netflix series The Punisher in New York (which began production back in March), so taking a quick trip down to Georgia doesn't make too much sense unless he had prior obligations.

While it is completely possible that Bernthal was just spending time with his AMC friends, it is also just as possible that he could be filming scenes for season 9. Rick and Shane’s relationship was one of the most interesting aspects of the first two seasons, so it would make sense to have Shane return for a flashback or even in one of Rick’s visions, especially now that Lincoln plans on exiting The Walking Dead during the season. Bernthal returned as a hallucination in the eighth episode of season 3 so this happening again should not be completely out of the question - but that's something that fans will just have to wait and see.

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