Jon Bernthal Wants Kingpin & Barracuda On The Punisher

The Punisher actor Jon Bernthal would like to take on Kingpin and Barracuda one day. A Punisher TV series was originally considered back in 2011, but once the character's rights reverted back to Marvel Studios in 2012, the studio began considering ways to incorporate the anti-hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That finally happened with Bernthal making his debut appearance as Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, in Daredevil season 2 in 2016.

Bernthal's portrayal was so captivating that audiences vigorously campaigned for Netflix to give the character a spinoff series. The Punisher TV series finally premiered in November 2017 and garnered overwhelming critical acclaim - both for its story and for its actors and actresses' performances. So, it wasn't long before Netflix decided to renew The Punisher for season 2, which is slated to enter production quite soon. But when it does, who will Frank be going up against this time around? While it seems like The Punisher may be moving away from drugs and into human trafficking rings, it's still unclear who the main villain is. If Bernthal had his way, though, he knows who he would have on the show.

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Jon Bernthal joined a few cast and crew members from The Walking Dead on the 2018 Walker Stalker Cruise last month, where he held an hour-long Q&A session with the passengers. One passenger asked which comic book characters would Bernthal like to interact with on The Punisher, and he knew exactly which characters he wanted to see: Kingpin and Barracuda.

"Barracuda. I'd like to see Barracuda. I'd really like to get back in with [Vincent] D'Onofrio, with Kingpin. I mean, there's so many twisted characters. But you know, I'm really eager to see... ah, sh*t, I'm gonna get in trouble. Let's just see what happens, man. Let's just see what happens."

Not much is known about The Punisher season 2 at the moment. Cameras are expected to start rolling on the series' sophomore season in New York sometime in February 2018, but the actual story and character details still remain unknown. As previously mentioned, leaked character descriptions suggest that The Punisher season 2 may be adapting The Slavers story arc from the comics, but that won't be confirmed until at least production begins.

Considering how secretive Netflix is with their properties, though, it's possible that audiences won't know exactly what to expect from The Punisher season 2 until the streaming giant starts marketing the second season. Still, it's worth pointing out that Punisher showrunner Steven Lightfoot also namedropped Barracuda as a character he would like to see in season 2, so it's possible that the villain will make an appearance at some point down the line. As for Kingpin, D'Onofrio is reprising his role as the street villain in Daredevil season 3, which may leave the door open for him to transfer onto The Punisher season 2.

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The Punisher season 2 does not have a premiere date yet.

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