Jon Bernthal Joins Logan Director’s Ford vs. Ferrari

Jon Bernthal has joined the cast of director James Mangold's Ford vs. Ferrari. The filmmaker is coming off what is arguably his finest effort yet in the Oscar-nominated comic book film Logan, meaning nobody expected Mangold to have any issues lining up another project. Over the past year, he's become attached to a variety of films, including The Force, Crenshaw, and reportedly a Boba Fett spinoff movie. However, it looks like this real-life tale of warring car manufacturers is the film Mangold will make next, as evidenced by how quickly the ensemble is coming together.

Last month, Ford vs. Ferrari secured some big names in the forms of Matt Damon (who plays engineer Carol Shelby) and Christian Bale (as driver Ken Miles). The expectation is for the film to commence production at some point this summer, meaning Mangold's next order of business is lining up the supporting cast. When Damon and Bale were announced, so too were some key secondary roles (Caitriona Balfe and Noah Jupe), and now another high-profile name has joined the project.

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According to THS, Jon Bernthal has signed on to portray Lee Iacocca, a Ford marketing executive who went on to become President and CEO of Chrysler during his career. Jon Hamm was in consideration for the part, he turned it down, opening the door for his Baby Driver co-star Bernthal to take it. Paul Sparks is also in talks to play Leo Beebe, who was Henry Ford II's right hand man.

Punisher Netflix Jon Bernthal

This decade has seen Bernthal emerge as one of his generation's finest character actors. In addition to starring roles on TV in Netflix's The Punisher and The Walking Dead, he has delivered several memorable performances in films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Fury, and The Accountant. Bernthal will next be seen in two of this fall's most-anticipated titles, Widows and First Man, adding to his already impressive résumé. There's no telling how large a part Iacocca has in Ford vs. Ferrari, but whatever is required, Bernthal will be able to handle it with ease. He's known for his very natural acting ability, disappearing into his characters. Any cast is all the better to have Bernthal join its ranks, and it'll be fun to see him opposite Damon and Bale.

Ford vs. Ferrari is shaping up to be a prestigious offering with the talent involved, and on-paper it has the makings of an awards contender. No release date has been set at this point in time, but with filming set to begin soon, distributor 20th Century Fox is probably looking to have it hit theaters in the near future - perhaps at some point next year.

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Source: THS

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