10 Jokes From New Girl That Have Already Aged Poorly

Not all jokes age great, and even though New Girl is only a year past its end date, we're already cringing at some of the questionable one-liners.

New Girl wrapped up its 7th season in 2018, closing the series with a total of 146 episodes! While this show is known for its quirky characters, long-running jokes, and relatable themes, we definitely laughed along with the main characters from the first episode to the very last.

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However, not all jokes age great, and even though this show is only a year past its end date, we're already cringing at some of the one-liners. From an obsession with Jewish jokes to some questionable sexist undertones, here are 10 jokes from this hit sitcom that are have already aged poorly.

10 Desert Wandering

"I'm worried about Schmidt, he's a Jew in the desert. I don't want him to wander."

- Winston

It's no secret that this show definitely utilizes Schmidt's Jewish background as the punchline of A LOT of jokes. While some of them are delivered by Schmidt himself, there's quite a lot that are bluntly made by his friends.

Although Schmidt gets a kick out of it, we're not totally sure that this wandering Jew joke is super tasteful. We're not sure it ever was, but in the past year, it's only been downhill from there.

9 Fancy Forks

"Where are you, Schmidt? This place is fancy and I don't know which fork to kill myself with."

- Nick

Nick has a ton of pretty great one-liners that we can all relate to. While we might admit this joke made us laugh, we're kind of over the this-is-actually-offensive jokes about offing oneself.

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Nick's wit is one of his best qualities, and honestly, one of the main reasons people love this show. However, sometimes Nick is guilty of going a little bit too far... even if it's cutlery related.

8 Traditional Jobs

Jess: So Nick doesn't have a traditional job.

Nick: Or is the most traditional career? Or am I thinking of prostitution?

Jess is extremely progressive, and it partners pretty well with her quirky and sweet nature. When arguing about how Nick doesn't have a 9-5 job, Jessica stands up for him, which is pretty nice.

However, Nick strikes again with his slightly inappropriate one-liner, except this time he's calling prostitution the most traditional career there is. While we're not exactly sure if this quote is super progressive or super regressive, we're going to go ahead and say you probably just shouldn't say it.

7 Too Sarcastic For Jail

"I can't go to jail! I'm too sarcastic for the white gangs!"

- Nick

So Nick makes this list almost as much as Schmidt does, but somehow Nick's offensive one-liners are a bit more endearing than his buddy's. Still, this blunt complaint is bringing stereotypes to the forefront and making us cringe at his "real fear" of jail.

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Suggesting that Nick isn't the prison-type may be kind of comedic, and honestly, maybe true, but we're going to guess this doesn't exactly fit in with the progressive restructuring of the penal system.

6 How Jewish?

"How do I look? How Jewish? I mean like good Jewish or bad Jewish?"

- Schmidt

The Jewish theme returns, of course, but this time from Schmidt himself. Schmidt is very open about being Jewish, and he's definitely not one to hide it, but it's pretty clear that he kind of wishes he could.

This question is pretty offensive to Jewish people everywhere, and although its charm is delivered by the hilarious Schmidt, we definitely all cringed when he asked this question.

5 Single Old Lady

"I'm gonna end up alone; a single old lady flashing people on the subway."

- Jess

Jessica Day is an interesting character in that she's kind of a boomerang between progression and regression. She's a pretty open and understanding character, but sometimes she's sending women back 20 years.

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This assertion that all single old women are doing nothing but flashing people on the subway may have initially come across as quirky and funny, but we're not exactly sure it's in the feminist spirit that Jess is usually going for.

4 Not Your Girlfriend

"Without sex, she's not your girlfriend, okay? She's a friend you buy meals for."

- Schmidt

Sure, Schmidt jokes a lot about his Jewish history, but if there's one thing that's definitely not endearing, it's Schmidt's kind-of-total-misogynistic thing he's got going on. We're proud of Jess and Cece for dragging this man off his high horse throughout the series, but the old Schmidt definitely strikes multiple times throughout.

According to Schmidt, you can't possibly be dating someone if you're not having sex. You're simply just the wallet for the woman, right? No, not right. Sex is an individual choice, Schmidt, and, well, ew.

3 Crushed Figure Skating Dreams

"I had figure skating lessons until I was 13, and then my mom sobered up and realized I was a boy."

- Schmidt

This one is arguably the worst of the list. While it doesn't reflect super negatively on Schmidt, it definitely reflects poorly on his mother and gender stereotypes.

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The implication that only a drunk parent would put their boy in figure skating is more than enough to make you cringe and think that, yeah, he probably shouldn't have said that. We're not sure this joke ever held up, but it's sure aging poorly at an incredibly speedy rate.

2 Sexual Expectations

Schmidt: I'm gonna need you to step it up tonight, okay? When I see you, I wanna be thinking, 'who let the dirty slut out of the slut house?'

Jess: [British accent] Probably the slut butler, right?

Jess and Schmidt partner up for this one. With Schmidt's misogynistic joke and Jessica's confused-about-her-values candor, this conversation is definitely making us shake our heads (even if we're laughing at Jess's terrible British accent).

Schmidt is trying to use Jess as a pawn, and clearly, believes she needs to be dressed extremely provocatively to be noticed and appreciated. Jess, where's your feminist spirit now?

1 Sari-Related Scenarios

Schmidt: Are you wearing a traditional sari?

Cece: Yes.

Schmidt: I begged you to wear a sari; I had all these sari-related sexual scenarios.

We said Schmidt would definitely take first place for most spots on this list, and boy, we weren't wrong. This quote embodies both his culture insensitivity and objectification of women. Perfect, right?

Schmidt wonders why it took him so long to convince Cece to date him, and we're flashing lights around this joke. The sari is cultural Schmidt, not a tool for your sexual fantasies. Yikes, man, yikes.

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