Tommy Wiseau Becomes The Joker in Fan-Made Teaser Trailer

Tommy Wiseau's not-so-subtle hint that he wants to play the title character in Todd Phillips' upcoming The Joker origin movie about the iconic DC villain has now inspired a fan-made teaser trailer. It's been an eventful past few months for Wiseau, the star, director and sole financier of the infamous 2003 big screen disaster The Room, which found an amazing new life as the focus of star and director James Franco's The Disaster Artist.

Chronicling the making of The Room, which earned a so-bad-it's-good status to become a midnight movie cult classic, The Disaster Artist was largely in the awards season conversation until sexual misconduct allegations against Franco broke. And while the revelations may have had something to do with Franco missing out on what appeared not too long ago to be a lock on a Best Actor Oscar nomination, it hasn't prevented Wiseau from finally living the high-profile life he desperately dreamed as he made The Room.

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Wiseau's second wind has given him so much confidence, in fact, that he boldly reached out to Phillips on Twitter after news broke last week that the director was looking to cast Joaquin Phoenix as The Clown Prince of Gotham in his Joker origin movie. That move inspired fan art featuring Wiseau as The Joker, and now, a day later, a fan-made teaser trailer has appeared online that imagines Wiseau in the role.

Tommy Wiseau The Room laughing

Posted by YouTube channel The Dangerous Brew, Wiseau's Joker teaser trailer essentially combines several memorable moments from The Room with scenes featuring Heath Ledger's Joker in Christopher Nolan's superhero classic The Dark Knight. Through a clever blend of scenes including such lines as "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" and scenes where The Joker's identity is obscured with wide shots or shots from behind, and Wiseau's dialogue serving as narration for The Dark Knight footage, the 1 minute 17 second faux teaser is fairly convincing. Topping it off is Wiseau's strange laugh (which is creepy enough to fit with The Joker's persona), and a digitally altered shot of the enigmatic actor-filmmaker wearing Joker makeup.

What's particularly striking about the fan-made Joker teaser trailer is just how well the Wiseau footage, quality-wise, matches up to the footage from The Dark Knight. Naturally, fans would be able to easily tell the difference between a film from a studio production and that of a low-budget film, but as you find out watching The Disaster Artist, Wiseau's The Room was hardly a micro-budgeted project. He reportedly spent $6 million of his own money to produce the film, and where exactly that money came from is still a mystery.

What isn't a mystery, though, is that money bought him enough of a quality crew that The Room's footage, at least from a technical standpoint, holds up pretty well. And while the chances are slim to none that Phillips will ever call Wiseau to star in his Joker movie, at least Wiseau can look at this cleverly crafted fan trailer and feel like he's in it.

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Source: The Dangerous Brew

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