Joker Origin Movie Title & Release Date Officially Revealed

Warner Bros. and DC Films' movie Joker, an origin story from Todd Phillips, starring Joaquin Phoenix, officially receives a late 2019 release date.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie

Warner Bros. gives Joker an official title and late 2019 release date. While WB is still flirting with the idea of a cinematic universe, the big move they've made is starting another branch at DC that focus on smaller, darker, and riskier projects. The label, reportedly titled DC Dark or DC Black, already has its first project gearing up. Todd Phillips is directing a Joker origin movie and it was recently confirmed that Joaquin Phoenix is set to star.

Production is rapidly approaching on the character piece as September is the targeted start. Casting is also progressing as Robert De Niro is reportedly being eyed for a role, while Frances McDormand passed on one. With everything falling into place, WB now has given Joker a release date.

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Warner Bros. officially announced today that Joker is the title of the Joaquin Phoenix-led film and that it will hit theaters on October 4, 2019. This will give the project just over a year to film and then go through the post-production process with the September start now confirmed.

Joaquin Phoenx as the Joker

This is the final piece that Joker needed to truly solidify itself. Having a director and star onboard, a script in hand, a start date in mind, and a release date set are all necessary steps for film like this to take. This eliminates any doubt that the movie could potentially fall through in the coming weeks, barring some unforeseen instance. It also gives everyone the official timeframe for the movie and confirmation on what to call it.

A 2019 release was expected based on the reported production start and the October placement should fit Joker nicely. While the quality of the product can't yet be determined, it does give it a release window close to awards season - just in case Phoenix and co. deliver something special. It does however put it up against Ang Lee and Will Smith's futuristic action/thriller Gemini Man, which should be worthwhile competition for Joker to try and defeat. WB's film has the known IP factor, but Gemini Man has formidable box office star Will Smith leading the charge.

Looking at the larger DC picture now, Joker's official 2019 release means there will be three DC related live-action films released next year. Joker will hit theaters just a month before Wonder Woman 1984, but several months after Shazam! Depending on how this separate label works, this could be a rough schedule for years to come. Two films in the connected universe and one standalone movie would allow WB to capitalize on the comic book movie craze without rushing other shared universe films out. With WB making this announcement days ahead of their San Diego Comic-Con panel, more Joker or DC news could be on the way.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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