The Walking Dead Actor Wants to Star in Joker Origin Movie

Actor Steven Ogg has expressed his eagerness to play Batman's arch nemesis in the DC Extended Universe-separate The Joker standalone film from Warner Bros. Best known for his recurring role in The Walking Dead from season 6 - 7 and finally becoming a mainstay moving forward in the show's upcoming eighth season as one of Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) most loyal followers, the Canadian thespian has been doing work for the small, as well as, big screen and even dabbled a bit in video games. But nabbing the lead part in one of the most intriguing superhero films could definitely catapult his acting career to greater heights.

Since news broke that Warner Bros. is exploring their DC superhero options outside of the DCEU, fans were shocked and confused about what the film studio is trying to do. Skepticism quickly clouded the project as it could undermine the recent massive success of Wonder Woman and the potential of Justice League and Aquaman if this separate pocket of DC film series kicks off. That said, with a talent like Martin Scorsese attached to produce the film and The Hangover director Todd Phillips set to direct, viewers arguably become more accepting of the idea and actors get interested in partaking in the production - including Ogg.

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Speaking to CinemaBlend while promoting the upcoming season 7 Blu-ray release of The Walking Dead, the actor shared that he is down to take on the Architect of Anarchy in his upcoming solo movie:

"It'd be fun. I mean, it seems to screw everyone up, whoever does it. They end up going a bit crazy, except if you look at Nicholson's Joker. But what I was reading, and I'd love to do it, is the younger, like 'how The Joker became The Joker' is what they're working on. So I'd assume it would be a younger person. But that type of character, there certainly would be a lot of interesting things to explore with him. I would love to do my own different take on it, on him. So yeah, if you're offering it to me, I'll take it."

Steven Ogg in The Walking Dead

Despite all these talks about a separate Joker film, Jared Leto, who has been previously established as the DCEU's version of the mad clown will still continue to play his role from last year's Suicide Squad. While no official announcements have been made, he is expected to star opposite Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in the Joker/Harley spin-off from Crazy, Stupid, Love directors, as well as, another appearance in the fast-tracked Suicide Squad sequel.

As of now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the planned Joker film. And arguably, while casting is obviously going to be a huge part on how people will receive this separate iteration of the character, other narrative aspects of the project are still very much unclear. It remains to be seen whether a separate Batman will be introduced (a pretty controversial idea given persistent rumors of Ben Affleck wanting out of his DCEU role) given how tightly integrated the characters' stories are, as well as, what the long term implication of this standalone to the DCEU will be if it becomes a massive success.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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