First Draft of The Joker Script Expected Next Week, May Shoot in 2018

New intel claims the script for The Joker origin movie is expected to be turned in next week, indicating filming may start in 2018. Separate from the already existing DC Extended Universe, the Warner Bros. film is developing at an unusual speed as it has only been a few weeks since news broke of The Joker origin movie being in development at the studio in the first place.

With The Hangover and War Dogs director Todd Phillips on board to direct, and critically-acclaimed veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese reportedly interested in the project, it's hard not to get excited for the film. Reports suggest it would trace the history of the Clown Prince of Crime as a bullied child who would still strive to keep an optimistic perspective, which is obviously very different from the Joker fans know. So we can expect a slew of events that would factor in his turn to the dark side, perpetuating rumors that it would be a very dark and gritty movie.

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The latest report comes from Variety's Justin Kroll, who broke the news via his official Twitter account. Without name dropping any sources, he shared an update on Warner Bros' Joker origin movie.

Hear THE JOKER script will be turned in by next week, super fast considering when announcement went out bodes well for 2018 shoot

— Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) September 20, 2017

This may come as a surprise considering that when word of the project first came out, it sounded like everything was still fluid - even Scorsese's involvement. And now, the first draft of the script is apparently being finished, which makes us curious about when Warner Bros. really started developing the movie. Most importantly, will this be another case of a rushed job, like Suicide Squad, which writer/director David Ayer only had few weeks to pen. The end result of that production wasn't entirely successful, ut and it would be a gamble to risk having the same thing happen to one of DC's most iconic characters, especially when it is supposed to launch a brand new film series.

At this point, we do not know what exactly Warner Bros. is aiming for with this Joker origin story film or for this DCEU-separate banner. But if Kroll's tip holds true, the project's fast-tracking is an indication that the film studio is up to something with regard to this. Lest we forget, however, that despite the fact that Jason Momoa and Jame Wan's Aquaman is the only DC-film slated for release next year, there are other previously announced movies under their superhero cinematic universe that will be in various stages of development. Shazam! is slated to kickoff principal photography next year and a slew of films that already have release dates are expected to also start pre-production, like Wonder Woman 2.

Additionally, the nagging question regarding Jared Leto's future as the Joker still begs answers. When asked regarding the separate origin story featuring the character but without him, the Academy Award-winning actor seems as confused as everyone else. He previously shared that he is committed to reprising his role in more films moving forward including the Joker/Harley spinoff opposite Margot Robbie, from directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love), the fast-tracked Suicide Squad sequel and Gotham City Sirens

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Source: Justin Kroll

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