Joker Set Photo Promotes Thomas Wayne's Run for Gotham Mayor

Thomas Wayne wants to be Gotham's mayor in a new set photo for Joker. There's been multiple versions of Joker on the big screen before, but Joaquin Phoenix is doing something completely original. He's going to star in an origin movie for the Clown Prince of Crime, and it won't resemble Joker's typical comic portrayal. Joker is the first film from a new DC label at Warner Bros., and isn't connected to the DCEU. Thanks to this direction, there won't be a Batman appearance - but his father Thomas Wayne will be involved.

Director Todd Phillips originally enlisted Alec Baldwin to play the role, but the actor quickly exited the project after descriptions of the character surfaced. Joker intends to portray Thomas Wayne as a Donald Trump-like character, and they'll have more in common then just being businessmen. In Joker, Thomas Wayne is running for a prominent political position in Gotham.

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Twitter user @batsgadot shared a photo from the set of Joker that shows Thomas Wayne's campaign to be the next mayor of Gotham. Brett Cullen joined the movie to play Thomas Wayne just a few days ago, but they've already mocked up posters for his version of Mr. Wayne. He's the face of this campaign, which has a "Moving Gotham Forward" slogan. Noticeably, his last name is misspelled "Wanye." It's not clear if the typo is a prank played by The Joker, or the film's art department simply messed up.

This may not be the first look at Cullen's Thomas Wayne that some would've expected, but it does confirm character details for him that may otherwise have just been rumored. It still isn't clear how Thomas Wayne factors into the movie's overall plot, or how big of a role this will be for Cullen. Unless Phoenix's Joker tries to kill him because of what he plans to do to Gotham, there may not be any direct conflict or confrontation between Joker and this movie's most important Wayne.

Of course, this image is just the latest of a series of looks - both official and unofficial - at Joker. Phoenix completely decked out in Joker's full costume has been the most recent one to generate buzz. These on-set images came after Phillips released an official look at Phoenix wearing the Joker makeup. As more looks at the movie come out, more excitement appears to be building for the film as a whole. These early peeks are certainly promising, so if Joker delivers on the expectations many now have, this will hardly be the last "Elseworlds" story they decide to tell. But, Joker is being sold as a standalone story, so no matter how great it winds up being, there's almost no chance Phoenix reprises the role. Thankfully, he appears to be relishing the opportunity right now, and may help make Joker a truly special comic book movie.

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Source: Twitter

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