Gotham Police Chase Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker In New Set Photos

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

Joaquin Phoenix's Clown Prince of Crime is on the run from some of Gotham's finest in the newest batch of set photos from Joker. Filming on the DC Joker standalone movie, which is set to retell the famed villain's origin story in a grittier way than ever before, has been ongoing for several weeks and there have already been plenty of leaks.

Details on Joker are officially being kept under wraps, but given all the set photos and videos that have made their way online, fans have been able to cobble together some guesses about the plot. One big reveal showed the classic Batmobile, possibly teasing Batman's involvement in the story, while others have given clues about Joker Arthur Fleck's origins as a comedian. There have also been some hints pointing to Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) being attacked at some point by Joker's thugs, as the villain wages a war against the rich of Gotham. Other teases have shown Zazie Beetz's character Sophie, though little has been gleaned about who Sophie is or how she fits into the story.

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Another set of photos has now come from the Joker shoot, and been posted by Just Jared. The pictures mostly show Phoenix in his full Joker makeup and costume being chased down a street by the police detective characters played by Shea Whigham and Bill Camp. In a few of the shots, Phoenix's double can be seen performing a stunt where he gets hit by a vintage '80s taxi cab.

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It appears Joker spends a lot of the movie running away from cops/being arrested, as there have been previous set photos that showed the character in his "day job" clown makeup also sprinting down the street, and others that showed him in his bad guy Joker makeup laughing while being driven away in a police car. The new photos were shot during the day, and definitely evoke an '80s cop-movie vibe, with all the old cars and Camp and Whigham looking like they just stepped off the set of Hill Street Blues. Camp and Whigham look surprised in some of the photos, so it seems the two cops may have stumbled upon the Joker, who is definitely eager to get away from them.

Previously, Whigham gave away a few details about his own character, saying that the story is kicked off when he and Camp's character investigate Arthur Fleck. There are also a few additional photos among the new batch that show Phoenix out of his Joker makeup hanging around by what looks like a homeless camp in a tunnel. Again, more evidence of the gritty, early-'80s New York City feel that Todd Phillips is whipping up for his version of Gotham. It will be interesting to see if any more revealing photos come out as Joker continues its long shooting process.

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Source: Just Jared

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