New Joker Set Photo Shows Joaquin Phoenix Relaxing In Full Costume

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

DC Comics fans just got another peek at what Joaquin Phoenix' version of the Joker looks like, thanks to a new photo of the actor relaxing in full costume on set. Although this isn't the first time fans have seen Phoenix in the Joker costume and makeup, this new photo continues to show a very classic take on Batman's number one nemesis.

It still isn't entirely clear what the story of this Joker movie is. As more details emerge, though, it seems that fans will get to see a slightly new take on the villain's origin story. In this iteration of the story, the Joker is Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian seemingly ready to wage war against Gotham's wealthy elite in the 1980s. The timeline sets Fleck's reign of terror during the time that Thomas Wayne is still alive and well, with Bruce Wayne as a young boy. It's likely that Fleck could also serve as the man who murders Bruce's parents, leading to Bruce growing up to eventually become Batman. One thing that is certain, though: this is a standalone film and will not connect to the DCEU in any way.

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Joker director Todd Phillips shared a photo on Instagram of Phoenix in full costume and makeup relaxing on set. As a cigarette dangles from Phoenix' mouth, it seems that the actor is still in character for this "five minute break." Take a look below.

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On set. Five minute break. 📷 @nikotavernise

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Since shooting began, Phillips has been very open with set photos that allow fans to see Phoenix in character. Perhaps this is to discourage unauthorized parties from leaking details about the production. However, leaks have still surfaced, including a recent video showing the Joker casually walking away from a scene in a Brooklyn subway station that police are rushing to. There is also video taken by a fan of a classic 1960s Batmobile on a truck seemingly being transported to a potential Joker filming location.

Although there are at least six Joker movies currently in the works, this is the one that DC Comics fans seem most excited about, thanks to the classic look of the character and Phoenix's reputation as an actor. It is certainly one of the most talked about movies to come from DC in some time, particularly after fans complained about Jared Leto's depiction of the character in Suicide Squad. These set photos continue to stoke interest in the movie, which is set to release in late 2019.

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Source: Todd Phillips

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