Joker Set Photo May Tease Possible Plot Details

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A new set photo from Joker may tease possible plot details. Though director Todd Phillips' origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime doesn't open in theaters for over a year, fans have already seen plenty of what the filmmaker has in store. With production now underway, Phillips himself has been the source of many looks at the new movie, as he revealed Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck (both sans clown makeup and in full Joker garb) and Zazie Beetz's character. There's also been a bevy of images and videos from the set, depicting the Joker terrorizing a subway (among other things).

All of this has gone a great way in changing the conversation around Joker. When it was first announced, some people questioned the project, but now viewers are starting to come around. Of course, what will make or break Joker is the story it tells, which reportedly follows Arthur's failed attempt to become a comedian. Plot details are largely being kept under wraps for now, but another set leak might provide more clues.

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A gallery of set photos from Evening Standard includes the front page of the Gotham Post, which features a story about three "masked bandits" stealing a church collection box. The text in the story mentions a priest was "violently threatened" and only one person spoke during the robbery.

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While this very well could be something Arthur does in the film, it's worth keeping in mind the newspaper story could be in reference to anybody. Gotham, of course, isn't exactly the cleanest city, with several criminals running amuck. The church theft may not factor heavily into the story, but this does establish context and gives audiences an idea of how bad things are in Gotham. Not even a place of worship like a church is safe. Some of the other set photos hinted at unrest on Gotham's streets, with citizens holding signs calling for the taxation of the rich, so Joker could include a story thread where Gotham's poor organize a string of crimes as a way to get back at corrupt establishments and the city's elite. Perhaps the emergence of the Joker galvanizes them to fight for what they believe is theirs.

Teases like this are certainly intriguing, and it'll be interesting to see what else about Joker comes out during filming. Phillips is aware the paparazzi will be out in full force, trying to get whatever shots they can. It's for that reason the director decided to unveil his own high-quality photos and videos, and he may not be done. Obviously, Joker marketing won't get underway until some point in 2019, but the hype train is already speeding along.

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Source: Evening Standard

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