Joaquin Phoenix Has Reportedly Slimmed Down to Play Joker

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Joaquin Phoenix has slimmed down to play the lead role in Joker. Warner Bros. and DC are gearing up for the start of production on a very different comic book movie. Even as they're trying to build the DC Universe, Joker will hit theaters next year as an Elseworlds project. The movie hails from what will be a new banner of DC Films, possibly called DC Black or DC Dark, that wants to go with smaller budgets and unique, standalone stories. After plenty of negotiations, the studios were able to bring Phoenix on board to play the Clown Prince of Crime.

Joker has been seen on the big screen in several iterations, but Heath Ledger's from The Dark Knight still stands above the rest for many. However, it may actually be Jared Leto's portrayal that came closest to matching Joker's traditionally wiry frame in the comics. Phoenix appears to be going for the slim portrayal too.

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Just Jared captured some photos of Phoenix walking down the street and quickly noticed that he is significantly skinnier. The weight loss comes as Joker is just a few weeks away from the start of production, and is a signal to the body type that he will have as he plays Batman's greatest foe in the origin film.

Many have been excited to see Phoenix's version of Joker just based on his acting talents alone, but his commitment to matching the physical nature of the character is only increasing interest. He may not have green hair or acid-burned white skin just yet, but it isn't difficult to imagine how he'll look - if Joker actually goes that far. Considering how the direction of Joker is to do something different, we may not see Phoenix in traditional Joker makeup for very long.

Phoenix and his take on Joker is the big selling point behind Joker to begin with, so fans are now hoping that director Todd Phillips will deliver. The weight of the film may be resting on Phoenix's now slimmer shoulders, but he'll also have plenty of help thanks to a great supporting cast. Zazie Beetz is set to play the female lead after breaking out in Deadpool 2, while Robert De Niro is part of the cast, too. Marc Maron also joined after his success with GLOW and Frances Conroy will play Joker's mother. There's also still the role of Thomas Wayne that needs to be filled after Alec Baldwin left. Additional information on Joker is sure to come as production begins.

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Source: Just Jared

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