Joker Movie: First Look At Joaquin Phoenix In Full Clown Makeup

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Joaquin Phoenix sports actual clown makeup in test footage from Joker. Warner Bros. and DC already have a live-action Joker in Jared Leto for their cinematic universe, but it will be Joaquin Phoenix who plays the character in a different take. He'll star in the first "Elseworlds" film from DC and WB, which aims to tell standalone stories that wouldn't work as part of a larger franchise. The Hangover director Todd Phillips kicks this idea off by telling an origin story for Batman's biggest foe.

Ever since Phoenix was cast and more details on Joker began to surface, one of the biggest questions fans of the character had was what he would look like. An official image of Phoenix showed his regular look as Arthur Fleck, but many still wondered if he would actually wear anything close to Joker's traditional white-bleached skin, bright red smile, and green hair.

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Warner Bros. and Phillips have shared a camera test video of their rendition on the Joker's look. They've posted a new video showing the camera test for Phoenix and it ends with him in actual clown makeup. The look isn't exactly like Joker's comic portrayal but the baseline similarities exist. Check out the look in the video below:

As far as first looks go, this is about as creepy as one could hope for with Joker. The music and flickering images/footage playing over Phoenix's face as he slowly smiles should generate the response the studio is looking for. But, the big takeaway here is that they are going to show Phoenix in some sort of Joker makeup. Since the film is an origin story, it is unclear how much of this look we will get, but this camera test does show their intention to actually feature the look in the movie.

In case you missed it in the video, check out a screengrab of the makeup below:

This is just a camera test though, so the final look could be changed by the time Joker actually hits theaters. But, the fact that WB and Phillips are even releasing this tease further shows their hand. They wouldn't share this footage if Phoenix wasn't going to wear clown makeup at any point in the actual movie, as this would otherwise be a major example of them toying with fans and setting certain expectations, which would undoubtedly backfire if Joker doesn't show Phoenix in this look. With filming just recently beginning, Phillips has been very open to showing new looks at the movie, so between any additional teases from him and the continued leaks from set videos and photos, those anticipating Joker should get plenty of opportunities to see how it is shaping up before next year.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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