Joker Director Reveals New Photo Of Joaquin Phoenix In A Clown Costume

Joaquin Phoenix puts on the complete clown outfit in a new Joker photo. Excitement is brewing in Gotham as Batman's archenemy gets a movie of his own. Oscar-nominee Phoenix is set to star as Arthur Fleck, the man who will eventually become DC's Clown Prince of Crime. The solo movie is going to be an origin story for the supervillain, and, despite the grounded approach it's taking, they aren't completely veering away from the comic book elements or Joker's traditional look.

The first image of Phoenix in clown makeup was just the first of many looks that have come out of Joker's production. Much to the dismay of director Todd Phillips, set photos and videos are leaking daily, so he's combating those leaks with some official looks of his own. The latest continues to put Phoenix in the clown makeup.

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Phillips posted the latest Joker image on his Instagram that puts another spin on Phoenix's clown getup. The menacing look he's had more recently has been left behind, as he now is in a traditional clown outfit. Since this Joker has already shown a willingness to change his look, he looks to be continuing that process in the latest photo.

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This latest look for Phoenix's Joker retains his makeup, but everything appears to be a bit scaled back. While he may have terrorized a subway full of people before, he instead just looks like a typical clown that would be at carnivals, birthday parties, or other events. Since there's no scene context to the outfit and makeup, it is impossible to say how exactly this ties into Joker. But, it would be a fascinating turn if Fleck - who is going to be a failed comedian - turns to being a clown as his job, but then uses his occupational tools to run wild across Gotham.

This is just the latest image from Joker that will intrigue fans and likely won't be the last. As videos and photos from the set continue to make their way online and reveal new details in the process, it appears Phillips is willing to provide even more new looks himself. They've mainly been focused on the leading character, but hopefully looks will start to surface for a supporting cast that includes Marc Maron, Robert De Niro, and more. But, this is Joker's movie at the end of the day and the internet has been buzzing with every new look at Joker, so more cryptic looks at Phoenix in costume may for the best.

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