Joaquin Phoenix Wanted Joker To Have End-Credits Footage

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Joaquin Phoenix wanted Joker to include end-credits footage. A tradition that has become commonplace for movie adaptations of comic books, and even other film genres, post-credit scenes are usually employed as a tease for future installments of a film franchise. But they’ve also been utilized in other ways over the years, either as a way to relieve tension or to sneak in a big surprise.

One of the more recent examples of this, Spider-Man: Far From Home, had two of the most game-changing post-credit scenes to date. While some moviegoers are fond of having a few extra scenes, others feel the practice goes against the idea of a movie as a standalone experience that should be experienced on its own without a teaser that can often monopolize online discussions. Notably, Avengers: Endgame did not have a post-credits scene in its initial release. Billed as the culmination of many years, and a somber story in its own right, it was widely understood that the nature of the film didn’t lend itself to end-credits footage. Joker’s director, Todd Phillips, had similar thoughts about his own film. But actor Joaquin Phoenix thought it would have been funny to throw in a little something extra after the credits began rolling.

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According to GamesRadar+, Phoenix thought it would be funny if Joker included a blooper reel at the end, along with the names of the cast and crew. Other films have done this, including a few in the Toy Story franchise and some of Jim Carrey’s movies. It’s a way to keep the audiences in theaters a little longer and, also, a way to keep them smiling. Phillips disagreed, saying that adding end-credits footage would go against the kind of movie Joker was trying to be.

They both have a point. Phillips is right that Joker is different than other comic book adaptations. It’s a dark, dim portrait of madness and isolation. To blatantly set up a sequel or to abruptly alter the mood with a blooper reel would have seemed strange to say the least. But because of the film’s darkness, a blooper reel would probably have been appreciated by at least some in the audience. It might have also taken the air out of some of the criticisms surrounding the depiction of Arthur Fleck.

In any case, even without any obvious post-credit teasers, Joker seemed to deliberately leave the door wide open for sequels . The film, at its very core, is one big unanswered question. Given that Phoenix has stated he’s open to returning to the role, we might not have seen the last of his take on the iconic supervillain in Joker.

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Source: GamesRadar+

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