DC’s Joker Movie May Have Featured Villain Anti-Fate

The DC villain Anti-Fate may have been featured in Joker. Taking place outside of Warner Bros.' shared universe, Joker is the rare comic book movie that operates in its own continuity. This gave the movie complete freedom to tell a Joker origin story starring Joaquin Phoenix, but it still has plenty of Easter eggs to DC lore.

Fans who have been checking out Joker have already picked up on a number of them. There's a giant green question mark some have taken to be a tease of Riddler (who will be played by Paul Dano in Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman movie - set in a different universe), while a quick reference "super rats" might be a sign that Ratcatcher also operates in this universe. These teases give Gotham plenty of Batman's foes from the comics for Bruce Wayne to fight once he grows up, but there's one more villain who could be around too.

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As highlighted in the latest Screen Rant video, Joker also appears to have included an Easter egg for Anti-Fate. When Arthur Fleck visits Arkham State Hospital to retrieve the medical files for his mother, details of Penny's diagnosis are revealed. If you look closely during this scene, there is a mention of Dr. Stoner. He was the one who diagnosed Penny's illnesses and could very well be a tease of the comic character Benjamin Stoner aka Anti-Fate.

Created by J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen, Benjamin Stoner aka Anti-Fate first debuted in Doctor Fate #1 in 1987. He was the head doctor at Arkham Asylum, a position similar to the one Dr. Stoner has in Joker. However, Stoner became the villain known as Anti-Fate when he became a soldier of Chaos following being possessed by the Lord of Chaos, Typhon. As the nemesis to Doctor Fate, the two fought on several occasions and had similar magical powers as his rival. Eventually, Anti-Fate was defeated and freed from the control of Typhon.

With this Easter egg, the obvious question becomes what future Anti-Fate has. Thanks to the box office and critical success of Joker, there has been no shortage of conversations about a possible sequel. If one does happen, maybe Stoner could return in some fashion. There's also the possibility that Joker's success will encourage DC to do other villain-based solo films, so maybe Anti-Fate could be next in line for this treatment - possibly even taking place in the Joker continuity. Of course, the nature of this Easter egg and Anti-Fate's lesser-known status could also just as well indicate that there are no plans for the character.

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