Joker Origin Movie Casts Alec Baldwin As Batman's Father

Alec Baldwin will play Batman's father in Joker. Warner Bros. is doing something different with their library of DC characters. Even though Jared Leto plays Joker in the DC Films universe, they have brought Joaquin Phoenix into the fold to play another version of the character outside of the connected franchise. His film will be a period piece telling the origin of the Joker as a failed comedian. Even though the movie isn't going to include any other superheroes, the mythology will still be present.

One of the earlier rumors about Joker was that Thomas Wayne, the father to Bruce Wayne aka Batman, was going to appear. But, as the casting process moved along, there was no word on who could possibly play the major role. It now looks like director Todd Phillips has found his man.

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Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live

Baldwin has had an extensive career, but it is one of his most recent roles that makes him possibly the best choice for this part. With Phillips wanting Thomas Wayne to be in the mold of Donald Trump, Baldwin should easily be able to make that convincing. He's played Trump several times on SNL, so depending on just how far Phillips wants to go with the similarities, Baldwin will come prepared. However, hopefully this role doesn't just become an extension of Baldwin's Trump impression, but rather something completely new. Drawing on some of the comparisons can work, but a full on impression could be largely distracting.

With Thomas Wayne being included, he's the first major comic book character confirmed for Joker - other than the titular role. Since Thomas is around (and much older than he'd traditionally be in the origin of Batman), it is also possible that a young Bruce Wayne could be featured as well - or even Martha. If either appear, they have yet to be cast. Baldwin joins a cast that currently includes Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, and Frances Conroy. There's a great deal of talent assembled for Joker, and it could continue to grow as additional supporting roles are announced.

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Sources: Deadline, THR

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