Joker Origin Movie Will Reportedly Feature Batman's Father

The Joker origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix will reportedly feature Batman's father, Thomas Wayne. As more reports surface about the film, it is highly likely that Bruce Wayne's father will play some part in the movie about where the Joker came from.

Batman lore relies heavily on the death of Bruce's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Thomas Wayne, a physician and head of Wayne Enterprises, though, was an important figure in Gotham way before his son became Batman. Comic books have delved into a little of the Wayne backstory, showing a man who was stern with his son and kind to his patients. In one story, Wayne saved the life of gangster Carmine Falcone, basically paving the way for organized crime in Gotham. His death, though, remains one of the most important parts of the Batman story: It is the death of Bruce's parents that ultimately led him to become Batman.

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However, Thomas Wayne could get more of a backstory in the new Joker origin film, at least according to a new Collider Movie Talk video. In the video, reporter Jeff Sneider seems certain that Thomas Wayne will play a "big role" in the Joker origin movie. The rumor suggests the movie will take place well before Bruce ever becomes Batman and would put the movie's timeline in a period when Bruce is still a boy. This even suggests that the new origin story will be similar to what fans saw in Tim Burton's Batman movie, where the Joker is directly responsible for the death of Bruce's parents.

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The video goes on to speculate more about the movie's release date, potentially in 2019. Shooting for the film may reportedly begin as early as September, which would make a 2019 release date possible. Although the Joker origin movie started out as more rumor than fact, Warner Bros. officially has the ball rolling and it is now definitely happening.

Phoenix recently spoke about how he wanted to do a low-budget superhero movie for several years, although he never thought that one surrounding the Joker was possible, given the popularity of the character in Batman movies and other DC projects. But Warner Bros. felt that the time was right to give DC fans a different kind of Joker, one with a darker side than what fans saw with Jared Leto's performance in Suicide Squad.

Leto's portrayal of the character left a lot of DC fans scratching their heads, so it's more than likely Warner Bros. also wants to give fans a taste of a Joker they may like better. But the company stresses that this movie takes part outside of the DCEU. If anyone can delve into the mind of the Clown Prince of Gotham, though, it's Phoenix.

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Source: Collider

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