• Joker has a very subtle reference to Batman: The Animated Series. 1 / 8

    Joaquin Phoenix in Joker makeup Vertical
  • Joker features Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin... 2 / 8

    Joker Robert DeNiro as Murray Franklin vertical
  • A talk show host admired by Arthur and who is key in his downfall. 3 / 8

    Robert De Niro in Joker
  • His show was called Live! with Murray Franklin... 4 / 8

    Robert De Niro in Joker
  • And the font of his show is the same from Batman: The Animated Series. 5 / 8

    Joker Batman The Animated Series vertical
  • Todd Phillips hasn't confirmed if this was intentional or not... 6 / 8

    Robert De Niro in Joker
  • But it has been proven that he paid a lot of attention to every detail. 7 / 8

    Robert de Niro Picture Joker Vertical
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