The Batman '66 Easter Egg You Might've Missed In Joker

Joker Batman 66 Easter egg

Joker has many references to other Batman characters and films outside the DC universe, but it also included a fun detail related to the beloved Batman TV series from the 1960s. Todd Phillips’ highly anticipated take on the Clown Prince of Crime is finally out in many parts of the world after months of Joker being surrounded by controversy, mostly about its level of violence. Joker is now facing a different kind of controversy, with many critics divided on their opinions, as well as Oscar voters, of which some are not sure if the film is Best Picture material.

On a lighter side of the current Joker wave, viewers have been dissecting the film, either to find clues that could bring some clarity to its ambiguous ending or just looking for Easter eggs related to other films and the Batman universe. Joker is packed with DC Comics references and more, including a detail connected to the 1966 Batman series that can be easily missed – unless you are familiar with how Adam West’s Batman worked.

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In Joker, after Arthur intercepts a letter from his mother to Thomas Wayne in which she claims Arthur is Thomas’ son, Arthur goes to Wayne Manor in hopes to talk to his supposed father. Once there, he sees young Bruce Wayne playing in his treehouse. Arthur puts on a red clown nose to get his attention and Bruce comes down from the treehouse by sliding down a pole. This seemingly unimportant detail connects to the classic Batman live-action series from the 1960s, in which after getting a call from Commissioner Gordon on the Batphone in the study of Wayne Manor, Bruce (Adam West) would flip a switch hidden inside a bust of William Shakespeare, opening a secret entrance to the Batcave. To access it, Bruce and Dick Grayson (Burt Ward) had to slide down a pole – a Batpole, as Bruce himself called it.

Batman 66 batpole

This reference to the Batman series has now been confirmed by Todd Phillips and editor Jeff Groth, so in a way, viewers got a glimpse at the Batpole before it was such, as Joker featured a very young Bruce Wayne, many years before he became Batman. The Batpole, as simple as it looks, could also lift people back up into the study with a simple button. On their way down, there was an “instant costume change” lever that made Bruce and Dick land in the Batcave in full costume, ready for action. Batman in the 1960s had some interesting technology, or maybe they were just more creative.

Although many of the movie's Easter eggs have already come to light, and some details have made way to a bunch of interesting theories, there’s still more to analyze and discover in Joker. Phillips has refused to shed some light on what really happens at the end of the film, but at least he was kind enough to confirm the addition of the Batpole reference – hopefully, he will open up about other details soon.

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