Joker Is Now the 4th Highest-Grossing DC Film Ever Internationally

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Joker has achieved the milestone of being the fourth highest-grossing DC film internationally. The iconic clown has been laughing it up at the box office since its release. Joker had the greatest opening in October, surpassing the record held by Venom.

Joker has been getting a lot of headlines lately, and that's not likely to stop anytime soon. The Joaquin Phoenix-starring film has received praise from a number of sources. During its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Joker received the prestigious Golden Lion award. The chief of the festival even believes the film will be an Oscar contender. Interestingly, reaction has varied since then. The film has a 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, losing its Certified Fresh status. With an audience score of 89%, the general public appears to be enjoying the film more than critics. Discussion on Joker is going to continue for the foreseeable future, especially with how much money it's making oversees.

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Warner Bros. has revealed that Joker is now the fourth highest-grossing DC film internationally. According to the company, Joker's current overseas gross is $490.3 million, and its worldwide running tally is $737.5 million. It is the most financially successful DC movie in 17 markets, such as Mexico, Italy, Spain, and Russia. Joker is the third highest-grossing DC film in the Europe region, as well as the Asia region, surpassing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for the spot there.

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In summary, Joker is doing extremely well overseas. As for the question if Joker can become DC's fourth highest-grossing film worldwide, that will be harder. It could surpass Suicide Squad, but it will then need to surpass Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman, both of which made over $820 million. Even if it doesn't achieve that milestone, Joker has already broken box office records both domestically and internationally.

It would certainly not be a stretch to say Joker is one of the most discussed films of the decade. Joaquin Phoenix has been acclaimed for his portrayal of the iconic antagonist, showcasing a mentally ill man pushed aside by society. Many fans would like a sequel, but the film was envisioned as a standalone feature. Still, Phoenix said he's open for returning to the character, so anything's possible. With the film unexpectedly tearing up the box office overseas, Joker has become a big hit of 2019. It will be very interesting to see how much money it makes before its theatrical run concludes.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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