Joker Set Video Showcases Joaquin Phoenix in Full Costume

Joaquin Phoenix is in his full costume in a new set video from Joker. Instead of just trying to get the DCEU back on track, Warner Bros. and DC have decided to make Elseworld movies too. This vision begins next year with the release of Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie. The director of The Hangover steps in to guide a performance by Joaquin Phoenix, who has previously been hesitant to join a comic book movie. But, the character-driven nature of Joker attracted him to the project, and those involved are aiming to make the iconic villain their own.

Fans got their first look at Phoenix's Joker recently thanks to a first look image from Phillips, but even then, he didn't look anything like the Joker comic fans are familiar with. That perception was changed when Phillips released a camera test video that showed Phoenix in clown makeup. Now fans know why they released that official look, as a set video shows Phoenix in the full costume.

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TMZ shared the new set video for Joker, which features Phoenix dressed like Joker from head to toe. He's got the same makeup design from the camera test footage, but now fans get the full picture. Phoenix is wearing a colorful suit as he steps off a train that he appears to have terrorized, judging by the amount of people running away and screaming. He also wears a clown mask that he takes off to reveal the clown look he's painted on his face. Check out the video in the tweet below:

There's other clowns around, so Phoenix's Arthur Fleck may have used the clown look originally as a disguise. A brawl breaks out outside the subway, which Phoenix walks away from without hesitation and swiftly throws his clown mask away. His apparent enjoyment of the fuss may indicate he's responsible for whatever's happening. This is just eight seconds of the scene, but the sequence is one of the early examples of the mayhem Phoenix's Clown Prince of Crime will be involved in.

Considering the amount of official looks and leaks from the set that have arrived this early on in Joker's production, it may not stop here. The movie is filming in New York after all, so it could be difficult for Joker to avoid paparazzi throughout the rest of production. Since more leaks may be on the way, those excited for the project should get to see even more looks at Phoenix's portrayal, and how Joker is shaping up in a general sense.

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Source: TMZ

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