Joaquin Phoenix Wreaks Havoc in Full Joker Costume on NYC Set

The onslaught of set photos and videos from Joaquin Phoenix's Joker origin movie continues, this time featuring the Clown Prince of Crime in NYC. Considering how divisive many of the entries in the DCEU film franchise have been, fans were naturally quite skeptical when Warner Bros. and DC first revealed that they were planning to make a Joker origin film unconnected to Jared Leto's existing DCEU portrayal. After all, Leto's Joker didn't exactly earn raves from most fans, so why would an additional attempt at capturing the iconic villain onscreen necessarily be any better, or succeed in doing anything but confusing moviegoers?

Hiring Todd Phillips - a man best known for directing The Hangover trilogy of wacky comedies - to helm this new take on Joker's origin did little to quell fan's fears, but the perception surrounding the film's potential quality changed almost instantly when Oscar-nominee Joaquin Phoenix signed on to play the title role. Phoenix is well-known for marching to the beat of his own drummer, and is normally very careful about what parts he accepts and what offers he passes on.

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After accepting the lead in Joker, Phoenix made it clear that he had been previously hesitant to star in a comic book movie, but that the character-driven nature of the project drew him in. This week, the internet has exploded with looks at Phillips' Joker film, in the form of both officially released photos and videos, and unofficially released set peeks. With Joker now in production at various New York City locations, a bevy of set photos have surfaced online, many of which were catalogued by Twitter user JNapierrr. Check them out below, featuring Phoenix menacing innocents at a subway station.

With his performance in Joker, Phoenix will become the sixth actor to portray Batman's arch-nemesis in a live-action movie or TV show. Cesar Romero began the tradition with his memorable turn in 1966's Batman movie and follow-up TV series starring Adam West, although his Joker was obviously more silly than most, due to the tone of those projects. Jack Nicholson played The Joker opposite Michael Keaton in director Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film, while Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his work as Gotham's most sadistic villain in Christopher Nolan's 2008 hit The Dark Knight. More recently, actor Cameron Monaghan has been bringing to life the dual roles of Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska on FOX's Gotham, characters that are Jokers in all but name.

Those actors leave Phoenix various standards to live up to, but knowing the often enigmatic actor, he intends to craft a version of The Joker that's uniquely tailored to Phillips' film, and one that will be truly unlike any prior onscreen rendition of DC's most celebrated psychopath. As the New York City shoot continues, fans should expect to get even more looks at Phoenix's Joker, and what he has in store for those unlucky enough to cross him.

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Source: JNapierrr

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