First Look At The Joker In DC Universe's Harley Quinn TV Show Revealed

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Kaley Cuoco, who's voicing Harley Quinn in DC Universe's upcoming animated series, has revealed the first look at Joker (voiced by Alan Tudyk) on the show. DC Universe is, of course, the official name of DC's subscription-based streaming service, which launched in 2018 and has a massive library of classic DC movies, TV shows, and comic books. It's also home to the original live-action series Titans and Doom Patrol, as well as the third season of the animated Young Justice, aka. Young Justice: Outsiders. The service already has other exclusive offerings in the pipeline and due to premiere later this year.

On the animated side, DC Universe has announced Harley Quinn, a series that follows the titular character after she breaks up with the Joker and tries to join the Legion of Doom. Big Bang Theory's Cuoco made her debut as Harley in the show's NYCC 2018 teaser, which also included appearances by Lake Bell and Diedrich Bader as Poison Ivy and Batman, respectively. Now, Cuoco has taken to Instagram to offer her followers their first proper look at Tudyk's Clown Prince of Crime, ahead of the show's launch this fall.

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Cuoco posted the following photo online this morning, as a throwback to her time doing ADR work for Harley Quinn in a recording booth. As you can see, the television set in the booth is paused on an image of Harley (her famously cartoonish giant hammer in hand) and Joker together, with what appears to be one of the Joker's vehicles (thus, the green, purple, and white color scheme) in the background.

Given that the show mostly takes place after Harley parts ways with Mr. J, this screenshot must be from either a flashback or a scene that takes place early in the series' present-day narrative. Tudyk's Joker doesn't look too different from previous animated versions of the character, though he appears to have a larger chin than normal here (admittedly, it may just be Harley's collar). It's no small feat to voice the Bat-villain, especially when you have to follow Mark Hamill's iconic vocal work as the animated Joker. Still, if anyone's up to that challenge, it's Tudyk. The fan-favorite performer has lent his voice to several animated films and cartoon series in the past, and even plays Eric Morden/Mr. Nobody on Doom Patrol.

The show Harley Quinn is described as having a distinctly adult tone, much like the other DC Universe originals released so far. People seem to have mixed feelings about this method right now, with critics having argued that this "mature" approach works better on Doom Patrol than Titans. Fortunately, by the look of things Harley Quinn will also be well-served by this style, with the show's teaser alone drawing comparisons to the Deadpool movies and their own brand of irreverent adult humor. This may further help to set Cuoco and Tudyky's versions of Harley and Joker apart from the much-beloved cartoon versions that've come before them.

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Harley Quinn premieres on DC Universe this October.

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