Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Will Be Shot By Joker DP

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upcoming Black Adam movie will feature the same Director of Photography who worked on DC's recent Joker film.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upcoming Black Adam movie will feature the same Director of Photography who worked on DC's recent Joker film. Joker, although plagued with controversies before the film's release, has become a huge success for both DC Comics and Warner Brothers, having passed $1 billion at the box office and defied expectations to become the most profitable comic book movie ever. Now, the talent behind the camera is moving on to other projects.

The first official artwork for Black Adam released earlier this week, along with news of the film's proposed December 2021 release date, and fans could not be happier with Dwayne Johnson starring as Shazam's arch rival. Apparently, the actor himself is just as excited, with The Rock telling fans he always wanted to be a superhero and hinting Black Adam may not be as evil as the comics depicted. Even Batman joined in on the action, with The Dark Knight's official Twitter page recently inviting The Rock to visit the Batcave.

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Now, thanks to a Twitter post by Dwayne Johnson himself, fans know the same Director of Photography who worked on Joker, Larry Sher, will be shooting Black Adam. In the tweet, embedded below, The Rock calls Sher a "brilliant DP and a great dude," sharing the two of them just recently worked together on Disney's film Jungle Cruise, which is the latest in Disney's long line of theme park attraction-based movies. 

Replying to Dwayne Johnson's tweet, rumored Honey I Shrunk The Kids reboot star Josh Gad confirmed Johnson's previous statement, saying he "Loves Larry beyond words." With the continued popularity of memes based on the already-iconic Joaquin Phoenix stair dancing scene in Joker, hopefully DP Larry Sher will create similarly organic and explosive scenes in the upcoming Black Adam movie. Even Martin Scorsese thinks Joker is cinema, probably thanks in part due to the film's well-placed camera angles and shot composition.

The announcement of the upcoming Black Adam film has garnered much excitement from fans of the DC comic book villain, and although the character was originally supposed to be revealed sooner everyone will have to wait patiently until December of 2021 to see just what Larry Sher and The Rock have in store. DC has put out a number of quality films since the much-debated Justice League, and many fans are hoping the company has turned a corner in their Cinematic Universe plans. While it's still a little over two years away, Black Adam appears to be shaping up rather nicely so far, and fans of Shazam's villain surely will have something interesting to look forward to.

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