Jojo Rabbit Trailer & Poster: Taika Waititi Does World War II

The first trailer for Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit is officially released online. Prior to becoming a household name with the success of Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi was an acclaimed indie director behind works such as Boy, What We Do in the Shadows, and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, winning over viewers with his unique style that blends humor and heart. And though Waititi is set to return to the MCU for 2021's Thor: Love and Thunder, he's going back to his filmmaking roots in the interim with a rather interesting tale.

Based on the novel Caging Skies, Jojo Rabbit follows Jojo Betzler, a young boy in Hitler's army who discovers his mother is secretly housing a Jewish girl in their home. Obviously, this causes a great deal of confusion for Jojo, whose closest confidant is his imaginary friend - a fictionalized version of Adolf Hitler. Fox Searchlight seems confident Jojo Rabbit can make some noise on the awards circuit this year, evidenced by giving it an October release date. Now, audiences have an opportunity to see what's in store.

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Today, Fox Searchlight revealed the Jojo Rabbit trailer. You can watch it for yourself in the space below, and also check out the film's official poster:

Though it runs for only a minute, the Jojo Rabbit teaser trailer definitely leaves an impression. Almost immediately, Waititi's quirky and offbeat brand of filmmaking is apparent, telling audiences this isn't going to be a typical World War II movie. There are several moments in the trailer played for laughs, such as the moment in the beginning where a youngster takes a knife to the leg and the unveiling of Waititi's take on Hitler. But while Jojo Rabbit will have plenty of comedic bits, it wouldn't be surprising if it featured some genuine heart and emotion to complement the humor. Previously, Waititi said Jojo Rabbit would be similar in tone to his Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which is considered a masterclass of "happy sad" cinema. If Jojo Rabbit reaches that level, audiences will be in for a treat indeed.

Jojo Rabbit was recently selected as one of many high-profile projects that will screen at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, where it will play alongside other big titles like Joker, Ford v. Ferrari, and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (among countless others). That means by the time September rolls around, cinephiles will know where Jojo Rabbit stands in the hierarchy of 2020 awards contenders, and right now it looks like it could be in the running for a handful of nominations. It's true the Academy drew the ire of many when they gave the antiquated Green Book Best Picture this year, but the new wave of Oscar voters have shown a willingness to welcome less traditional "Oscar bait" to the party. Jojo Rabbit could certainly appeal to that new wave (especially with its anti-hate premise) and be one of the ones to watch out for this year.

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Source: Fox Searchlight