Join In On 'Public Enemies' Bank Raids

To promote Public Enemies, Universal is launching one of the first film marketing campaigns to incorporate Facebook Connect and Twitter. Though the gaming is a little light, the social aspect has the potential to be pretty effective.

Bank Raids brings out the 1930's John Dillinger in everyone by feeding criminal ambition, recruiting gang members and robbing banks. Gameplay generally lasts 2 to 3 minutes - since luck doesn't last forever - but aspiring thieves can save their progress and come back to finish the job.  Buy guns and cars to make bank jobs easier and increase your notoriety, but beware: the more notorious you get, the lower the chances of successfully pulling off the job.

When you're done playing, automatically posting updates to Facebook or Twitter takes care of the bragging for you. Although you can't edit the text, it covers all the vital information (how many banks were raided and how much money was stolen) and includes a Twitter hashtag: #bankraids.

Universal Pictures International's Senior Director of Advertising/Media, Neil Wirasinha, had this to say:

Casual gaming is becoming a key form of social entertainment. Facebook Connect enables us to enhance a game like Bank Raids for Facebook users without the need to create a separate Facebook application.

It's a cool idea: As this game makes its rounds, it has the potential to be effective in engaging users and ultimately promoting Public Enemies.

Public Enemies is out July 1, 2009. In the meantime, avoid the long arm of the law at Bank Raids.

Source: Bank Raids Official Site

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