Johnny Messner: Facts are irrelevant

I'm so annoyed with this guy that I don't know where to start...

Johnny Messner, who stars in the upcoming sequel Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, stated in a recent interview that viewers shouldn't let facts get in the way of a good story. In the follow-up to 1997's Anaconda (which I have never seen and have no intention of ever seeing), Messner stars as a hired gun who escorts a group of scientists through dangerous waters in Borneo in search of a life-extending orchid, only to come under siege from giant anacondas.

Even though there are no anacondas of any kind in Borneo.

Here's the statement that really tripped my trigger:

"For me [emphasis added], it always matters," Messner said in an interview. "[But] there are always those guys on the Internet, [writing] 'This is bulls--t. Look at that guy. He had more scruff at the f--king beginning of the movie than he does now.'"

First of all: Nice mouth, Johnny. Second: So for you it matters, but for the rest of us simple movie viewers, we should should just roll with it? Do I have that right?

Messner (who has been in such recent gems as The Whole Ten YardsOperation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault ) added, "It's not about the fact that snakes are in Borneo or China or America. If you're still thinking about that, then you're not involved in the movie. That's my whole philosophy. If you're thinking, 'Hold on, there are no snakes in Borneo. ?' I don't care what snakes are f--king in Borneo [or if] there are any snakes in Borneo. Who cares? The point is, it says 'Borneo' in the movie. After that, it's irrelevant.

I'm sorry Johnny, but it's not irrelevant. Blatant errors like the fact that there are no Anacondas in Antarctica or that you start a movie with three days growth of beard and are clean shaven at the end when you had no razor are EXACTLY the types of things that take me OUT of a movie.

"That to me means nothing, because they're trying to make a movie about this group of people that are trying to find the Fountain of Youth," Messner said. "So it doesn't matter where they go. So there are snakes here, snakes there, whatever. As soon as you start thinking about that, then the movie's over. You know what I mean? That's it, if you start pinpointing everything in the movie. This is not The English Patient, all right? That's not what it's about. What is it? Grab some popcorn, enjoy yourself. That's all it is."

Aargh! Of course it matters! Do you want to take the audience for a ride or do you want them to laugh at how stupid your movie is and make it a candidate for MST3K? No, it's not The English Patient, but neither will it be Raiders of the Lost Ark which will be watched and enjoyed for decades. Complete ignorance of attention to detail is what causes movies to be gone from theaters within 4 weeks and rarely seen again.

Unfortunately, his opinion seems to be prevalent in the studio system and is the reason there is so much crap being unleashed upon the public. Sure, lot's of bad movies make money, but there's no accounting for the taste of a 14 year old. The movies that go on to make BIG bucks are the ones that do not follow "Johnny Messner's Rules of Filmmaking".

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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