Johnny Knoxville Wasn't Offered Moe in 'The Three Stooges'

Johnny Knoxville Won't Star in Three Stooges movie

Last week, Variety published a report stating that Jackass star Johnny Knoxville was close to landing the role of Moe Howard in The Three Stooges, the long-gestating comedy from the Farrelly brothers. However, a new report reveals that Knoxville isn't a lock for the part, and, in fact, was never offered the role.

Back in January, Peter Farrelly debunked rumors that Knoxville was a possible candidate for the role, saying that Benicio Del Toro was still the number one choice to play Moe. Nevertheless, Knoxville's name continued to appear in reports for the movie. Now, "insiders" have clarified the actor's very loose attachment to The Three Stooges.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "insiders close to the film say that while Knoxville expressed some interest in the project, negotiations with 20th Century Fox never commenced and an offer to join the film was never made." That's all. Given this new report, one has to wonder how a story got out that Knoxville was all but signed to the film.

Growing up, my dad exposed me to a lot of great comedy. In addition to regular doses of the Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy, I also watched a lot of The Three Stooges. I thought the Stooges were hilarious then, and I continue to think they're hilarious now, which is pretty amazing when you consider that their films are over 70 years old.

Moe, Larry and Curly as the animated Three Stooges

That being said, I was not sold on the idea of a Three Stooges movie, even early on when such interesting actors as Jim Carrey, Paul Giamatti, and Sean Penn were supposedly attached to the film. I understand that it's been one of the Farrelly brothers' passion projects, but translating the antics of the Stooges into a feature (even one that is broken up into three interrelated shorts) seemed extremely difficult.

When you consider that the movie was stuck in development hell during the long MGM bankruptcy saga, it's easy to see why so many rumors have swirled around The Three Stooges. The bottom line though is that the film still doesn't have a cast and that's a pretty big missing component - especially a film that revolves heavily around the title characters.

Are you relieved that Johnny Knoxville won't be in The Three Stooges or were you excited to see the prankster don Moe's famous bowl cut?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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