Johnny English Strikes Again Trailer: The World's Greatest Spy is Back

The trailer has arrived for Johnny English Strikes Again, as Rowan Atkinson's bumbling spy makes his long awaited return to the big screen. Beginning in 2003, the Johnny English franchise stars Atkinson as the titular British secret agent - a figure as far removed as the smooth, stylish and skillful James Bond as it's possible to get. With supporting turns from the likes of Natalie Imbruglia and John Malkovich, the first movie was a commercial success but a sequel didn't materialize until 2011 with Johnny English Reborn which featured more of the same spy-spoof gags and slapstick humor.

The third installment in the comedy franchise, Johnny English Strikes Again, is currently in post-production after being announced back in May 2017. The movie was helmed by renowned television comedy director David Kerr and, like the previous films, is written by William Davies. Ben Miller will be returning as Bough after his scenes were cut from the previous sequel. The plot sees a mysterious hacker reveal the identities of every British spy, forcing the authorities to turn to English and his old-fashioned ways in order to tackle this new digital threat.

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A trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again has now been released by Universal Pictures and promises more of the same for fans of the franchise. The teaser sees Atkinson's character teaching at a high-class academy, using explosives to deal with French cyclists, and getting confused by virtual reality. The trailer also introduces Emma Thompson's British Prime Minister and Olga Kurylenko's femme fatale, Ophelia.

By all indications, fans of the first two Johnny English movies aren't going to be disappointed by Johnny English Strikes Again. The juxtaposition between Johnny's idiocy and the over-the-top graveness of the British Secret Service continues to be a rich source of humor for the franchise and the aping of James Bond tropes looks set to once again dominate the narrative. The trailer does, however, suggest that the double act of Atkinson and Miller will have plenty of screen time on this occasion, which will come as good news to fans of British comedy.

The movie business is hardly crying out for more spy spoof comedies and, in truth, few (if any) have come close to matching the brilliance of Mike Myer's Austin Powers. Nevertheless, two financially successful movies suggest that there's enough fuel in the Johnny English tank to ensure the spy's latest adventure doesn't fall flat at the box office.

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Johnny English Strikes Again is coming soon.

Source: Universal Pictures

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