John Wick TV Show The Continental Green-Lit By Starz

The John Wick TV show The Continental is officially happening at Starz. In an age of cinematic universes where franchises and IPs shine brightest, the resurgence of Keanu Reeves' career in John Wick was a welcomed entry in theaters. The ultra-violent film saw Wick brought back into the assassin game following a series of unfortunate and traumatizing events. John Wick became a huge hit, so much so that John Wick: Chapter 2 hit theaters last year, and John Wick: Chapter 3 is now gearing up to start filming very soon.

The franchise may be performing well on the big screen, but one aspect of the series has intrigued viewers from the start: The Continental. The assassin friendly hotel is a major player in the John Wick universe, with several establishments across the world. Thanks to their code of conduct and Lance Reddick's Charon, many fans have wanted to see more of The Continental itself. Those ideas had already given rise to the concept of a John Wick TV show, but now the project has gotten a formal go-ahead.

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Starz announced today at the TCAs (via Deadline) that their John Wick spinoff, The Continental, has been officially green-lit. Details are sparse as of right now, but it is confirmed to be part of the big screen franchise and "focuses on the inner-workings of the exclusive Continental Hotel, which serves as a refuge for assassins." Chad Stahelski, the director of all three John Wick films, will direct the pilot episode. Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy) is writing the script and will serve as the showrunner. As for Keanu Reeves as John Wick, "you can expect to see him at some point of the series," according to Starz’s head of programming Carmi Zlotnik.

Lance Reddick in John Wick 2

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht issued the following statement about the show:

This series is truly unlike anything else on TV. The Continental promises to include the thunderous fight sequences and intensely staged shootouts between professional assassins and their targets that fans have come to expect in the John Wick movie franchise as well as introducing some new, darkly compelling characters who inhabit this underground world.

This is clearly a big step forward for the project, and hopefully a way for this universe to continue, even if John Wick: Chapters 3 winds up being the last of the films. There is no word yet on whether Reddick will appear in the series, or if the show will even be based around the original New York Continental. Those details are still likely being ironed out, but hopefully the show - should it continue to move forward - will have larger connections to the movies outside of the name brand.

It may not be clear yet when - or how - Reeves will figure into the TV show, but in the meantime he will serve as a producer, along with John Wick co-director David Leitch. Hopefully, both of them will be just as involved as Stahelski in getting the show off the ground, and even developing the story. If not, The Continental is in good hands with Collins, given his wide-ranging work on television in the past.

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The Continental is currently in development, but does not have a premiere date yet.

Source: Deadline

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