John Wick Gets a Nerf Parody Video

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Keanu Reeves continues to prove his skills as a major action star in the hugely successful John Wick: Chapter 2, the follow up to 2014's neo-noir action thriller John Wick. As well as raking it in at the box office (and proving that more straightforward, beautifully shot action movies are still a major draw for audiences), the film turns John Wick into an action franchise. The Chapter 2 sets up John Wick 3, which hasn't been given the green light yet, and already has fans asking when we will see John Wick in action again.

While we're still a long way from John Wick 3, there is a new mini-movie that fans can enjoy in the meantime - a parody video with some amazing Nerf shoot-em-up scenes.

The video, created by Corridor, plays on the plot and the ending of John Wick: Chapter 2, all while swapping out the firearms from the film with Nerf guns. The video is titled simple "Nerf John Wick" and runs for just over three minutes as a John Wick character runs around shooting at other characters with Nerf guns. The plot of the clip begins with a $7 million contract being taken out on John Wick, following which he must take down all the various assassins coming after him. In the final scene, a new contract for his life pops up on a phone, for $150 bazillion.

John Wick 2 poster - Reload (cropped)

The film re-creates the kind of incredible shoot-em-up sequences that make John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 so popular, with some fantastic shots and fight choreography. Of course, Corridor has plenty of experience with creating great YouTube videos, and has a whole series of Nerf parodies, including Nerf Overwatch, Nerf The Walking Dead and Nerf Rainbow Six Siege. The channel also creates a whole range of other parody videos; everything from Jason Bourne cooking lessons to an anatomically correct Spider-Man.

"John Wick Nerf" is three minutes of fun that makes us want to head straight to the toy aisle and pick up a selection of Nerf guns for our own rooftop battles, and it does a great job of putting a lighthearted spin on a very dark franchise. This fan-made film is the kind of thing that YouTube is made for, and it's certainly something that fans of action and shooting sequences will enjoy. Of course, this isn't officially sanctioned by the franchise, as it is simply a fun parody video, but we still love it for what it is.

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Source: Corridor

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