10 John Wick Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

John Wick is one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood right now - and these are our favorite Keanu Reeves memes from it.

The John Wick films have become part of one of the most successful action-adventure franchises of all time, thanks to beautiful action sequences, strong supporting performances, and their enigmatic lead, Keanu Reeves. Once derided for his "surfer bro" persona, no one's laughing now as his no-nonsense John Wick continues to dominate cinema. John Wick started with one of the most elite assassins in the world seeking revenge on a group of Russian mobsters for killing his puppy, and escalated into three films involving Wick taking on his entire assassin organization.

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While the films have been commercial hits, they've garnered an even more remarkable outcome; the comeback of Keanu's career. Though true fans have always stuck by his side, his recent interviews and Red Carpet appearances have reminded audiences what a humble, down-to-Earth, and all-around great guy he is. Whether you like Keanu or his alter-ego John Wick, these 10 hilarious memes are for you!


No one could have predicted that the amazing John Wick film series could have been launched off its simplistic plot, but three films later and still going strong, it proves that killing a man's puppy generates enough hate for an entire franchise.

It's not just any puppy, of course. It's the last gift his dying wife gave to him before she passed away, an adorable beagle  to love and protect him in her absence. When Russian gangsters murder the puppy in front of him, John Wick vows he'll get revenge on the men responsible for destroying the one thing that brought him solace. This meme also works as an excellent Valentine!


In the Battle of the Johns, there can only be one victor. After a disappointing end to a very limiting character arc in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and possible heir to the Iron Throne quietly faded into obscurity after failing to take out the Night King, failing to prevent the Dragon Queen from destroying his homeland, and abandoning his direwolf.

John Wick would have just as soon burned King's Landing to the ground himself if one white hair on Snow's head had been touched. There's not a dragon, or a red witch, nor an army of the undead that could have stopped John Wick once he was on the assault. Had he had access to a dragon or a fancy sword as opposed to a pencil, he'd have done even more damage.


The rules of others don't apply to John Wick, even if those others happen to be fellow bloodthirsty contract killers. When he kills a member of the High Table on Continental ground, strictly enforced as a combat-free zone, he becomes "excommunicado", and has all of his privileges revoked.

Ordinarily, an assassin of his status would have been able to get everything from his suits pressed to a whole new arsenal. He'd be able to dine in the grand restaurant, drink expensive scotch, and expect protection from other people like himself. Us regular folks may not have access to that sort of swag, but we can still become "excommunicado" if we piss off the wrong person.


Fans of The Matrix franchise were thrilled to see Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne working again on the John Wick films, resuming similar roles in their mentor-student relationships as they'd done playing Morpheus and Neo, respectively.

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Of course, John Wick is an entirely different sort of series, but Keanu is once again at the center of it, a man with a legacy and a destiny, and Lawrence is once more beside him, a man who acts more like a prophet and guardian to assist him on his journey. Morpheus had a much more stylish wardrobe than the Bowery King, however.


Every once in a while, you'll find someone that doesn't like a certain popular film series. People actually exist that don't care for Star Wars movies or the Lord of the Rings films or anything released by Marvel Studios. We get it - there's too many characters to keep track of, and a lot going on. But John Wick?!

The John Wick films are accessible for several reasons; the plot is straightforward, the visuals are stylish, the action is exciting, and Keanu Reeves, the best example of humankind, gives one of his best performances in years. Time to tell your friends they're "Excommunicado" if they can't handle the truth.


John Wick has remained one of the most formidable assassins in the world not due to his overwhelming strength or superior intelligence, but because of his resourcefulness. A weapon in the hand of someone who doesn't know how to use it becomes ineffective, but any object in the hand of someone who knows how to make it into a weapon is highly dangerous.

At this point in the John Wick film series, the elite contract killer has dispatched people with everything from a pencil to a book, and while he favors guns for most of his killing he's been known to dabble in knives as well, able to throw them with deadly accuracy at his opponents. Anyone that thinks John Wick is only as skilled as his guns is sure to be gravely mistaken.


Taken did for Liam Neeson's career what John Wick did for Keanu Reeves' - it reminded audiences exactly how outstanding these actors are at not only kicking ass and taking names, but imbuing their films with a signature cinematic presence.

Both of them had been in their fair share of action films before (Neeson in Rob Roy and Star Wars, Keanu in Speed and The Matrix to name a few), and both men are known for being incredibly kind when they're not shooting or punching people in the face. Which one of these badasses would win in a fight? They'd probably wisely call a truce.


These days, people's social media pages are full of pictures of their pets. They dress them in cute costumes, give them funny captions, and if they're really obsessed, they make their pet their profile picture. On a scale of 1 to John Wick though, who among them would lead a one-person assault against anyone who messed with their furbabies?

John Wick only knew his beagle puppy, a final gift from his terminally ill wife, for a matter of days before some Russian assassins killed it front of him. While you might think his revenge plan was a little intense, the puppy wasn't just a puppy; it represented all of the best parts of his wife, their marriage, and himself.


For one of the most down-to-Earth and humble actors in Hollywood, Keanu Reeves has played some pretty aggressive roles. In the John Wick films, he plays the world's most elite assassin, but past roles have included a cyberpunk warrior in The Matrix, a serial killer in The Watcher, and a member of SWAT in Speed. 

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It's become a longstanding joke about the gentleness of the man behind the violent role of John Wick that Keanu seems to have embraced. More of his acts of goodwill and charity have emerged since he started the film franchise, and his interview appearances have never revealed a more compassionate human being.

1 JOHN WICK 1776

Much has been made of Keanu's age-defying appearance, to the point where audiences have trouble believing he's really 55. Fans have shared pictures on the internet of men from historical eras that bear a striking resemblance to the star, implying that his youthful appearance is due to his immortal genes.

As for his character of John Wick, men of conviction and conscience have been fighting the good fight ever since humankind could pick up an object and weaponize it. We like to think that if John Wick truly was fighting for US independence in 1776, it would have been over a lot sooner.

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