John Wick Has Killed More People Than Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers Combined

John Wick Jason Voorhees Michael Myers Kill Count

SPOILERS for John Wick 3

Through three films, John Wick has killed more people than horror movie icons Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers combined. Making his debut in the 2014 original, the Baba Yaga is now one of action cinema's most famous characters and arguably star Keanu Reeves' career-defining character (yes, even more than The Matrix's Neo). Thanks to a combination of innovative gun-fu set pieces and comprehensive world-building that grows more expansive with each installment, John Wick remains in high demand. This month's Chapter 3 scored the franchise's best opening weekend and paved the way for Chapter 4 in 2021.

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Of course, the primary selling point of these films is watching John Wick mercilessly mow through enemies, as he takes down everyone who tries to kill him. Given how bloody and brutal the movies are, it isn't surprising to hear that John has racked up a pretty sizable kill count over the course of his three big screen adventures. But what is shocking is that he's already surpassed some of Hollywood's most notorious murderers.

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Per Bloody Disgusting, Mr. Wick has killed a grand total of 306 people in his three films. The breakdown is 84 in the first film, a whopping 128 in the second, and 94 in the third. This means he's topped the combined kill count of Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees and Halloween's Michael Myers; the masked baddies killed 297 individuals in 23 movies.

For those who dare oppose him, John Wick is essentially a horror movie villain - a seemingly indestructible force of nature that stops at nothing until he's completed the task at hand. As has been said in the films, Mr. Wick is a man of focus and sheer will and is usually the last thing people see before they die. Not even a fall off a hotel building could kill John, which only makes him scarier. The trilogy has gone to great lengths to show why Wick earned the mythical nickname "The Baba Yaga" and commands the respect of everyone who associates with him. Winston, who took a gamble and betrayed John at the end of Chapter 3, knows what he's in for when Chapter 4 picks up. If John could (somehow) survive all that was thrown at him in the most recent film, he will unleash unholy carnage in the next one.

Basic math states John kills an average of 102 people in a single film, so that kill count may move past the 400 mark by the time John Wick 4 is over. It'll be interesting to see what happens in that film and if John can finally figure out a way to find the peaceful life he yearns for. John Wick clearly has no trouble taking down enemies left and right when forced into action, but even Reeves wants to see him ride off into the sunset with his loyal dog. Maybe, in order to leave his past behind once and for all, it takes more than 400 body bags.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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