25 John Wick Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are 25 surprising facts about the John Wick trilogy even hardcore fans may not know about. Beginning in 2014, not even Lionsgate would've anticipated the success that would come with the latest Keanu Reeves action film. The former Matrix star and incredible fights made the first John Wick a cult classic, but one that was successful enough to warrant a sequel. The fandom for the original grew in the three years between it and the release of John Wick: Chapter 2, which became even more profitable at the box office and earned more praise from audiences and critics

The interest in the franchise is now at an all-time high with John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum out in theaters. It had a franchise-best opening weekend, and is now the highest grossing entry in the series. Most audiences have been impressed with the action that it puts forward, so much so that they may have missed some incredible detailsJohn Wick 3 is not the only installment to feature great callbacks or cameos though.

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One of Screen Rant's most recent videos takes a look back at the entire John Wick trilogy to share 25 fun and surprising facts about the franchise. These details range from production costs, similarities to other movies, the franchise's kill count, and other casting ideas. Check out the full list of facts in the video featured at the top of this post.

Now that fans know these facts about the John Wick franchise, it'll be difficult not to see certain scenes differently on future viewings. Fans may now be caught thinking about The Dark Knight Rises every time The Continental is shown or try to find any excess bacon grease on Keanu's face when the puppy licks him in the early portions of the first film. Some may even now watch the first John Wick wondering what it would be like if it stuck to the original, older age and who could've played John Wick instead. And since we're talking about casting, now people could be left wondering if Marisa Tomei, Uma Thurman, and others could've done what Halle Berry did in John Wick 3, including training her dogs.

Since none of these facts change the franchise, they are simply fun tidbits of information for fans to know about the movies. They can either keep them to themselves or share them with other John Wick enthusiasts. More revelations about the making of these films could come in the future too, while fans also have John Wick: Chapter 4 to look for in 2021. Until then, these fun facts and a few re-watches will have to help tide people over until then.

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