John Wick: 10 Characters We Hope To See In The Continental

It speaks volumes about how rich the storytelling in a series can be when a rather absurd premise (an ex-hitman seeks revenge on mobsters who killed his dog) can grow to become something so gripping.  The John Wick series has captured the imaginations of fans around the world, and its own world has expanded greatly.

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With the success of this universe, we now have The Continentala TV series that will see the intertwining lives of other assassins who arrive at the hotel that houses hitmen from around the world. As such, dozens of characters now have a platform to return from the movie series and go beyond it, establishing themselves on their own. Here are 10 characters we’d like to see in the TV show.

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10 John Wick

Let’s get the obvious character out of the way first. Being the center of the series, it would be a real disservice if we didn’t see at least one appearance from John Wick himself. Although it’s been announced that the character will be in The Continental in some capacity, it’s not absolutely definite yet.

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John’s role in the series shouldn’t be as the main protagonist, though, and we should instead see him from the point of view of the other assassins in the Continental. This would establish the angle the series is going for, and place the setting itself as the main focus for storytelling.

9 Cassian

When last we saw Cassian, he’d been taken out by John on a train. Did he survive? That was up to audience interpretation. Fans would love to see this cliffhanger resolve, and The Continental may offer us a chance to see what became of him.

If Cassian perished, we should see him in flashbacks on the show, allowing us to see what led to him becoming the hitman he was in John Wick: Chapter 2. The better option would be having him survive, and we see Cassian reflect on his lifestyle as an assassin after being lucky enough to live.

8 Charon

We need characters like Charon, who don’t get entangled in questions of morality and exist only to serve the Continental. In his film appearances, Charon has always been impartial when it comes to the activities around him and has shown a level of respect toward John.

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This makes him the perfect person to continue the role of concierge in The Continental, as he can be Mr. Exposition for those unfamiliar with the in-universe rules. The new main characters can use Charon as their point of reference, and he can pop up whenever there needs to be a major announcement.

7 Santino

Sure, this guy’s got a bullet in his head that prevents him from being involved in the present-day plot. However, Santino was a highly intriguing antagonist, whose links with John Wick were only mentioned in asides rather than being seen.

Since Santino is already an established villain, The Continental should have episodes where we see events from the past, between which Santino continues to be an antagonist. We could also witness the relationship between the two men before John retired, or have Santino show up in video footage where he reveals deep secrets from the past. There are still many options when it comes to this guy, and we hope to see at least one of them in the show.

6 The Bowery King

Lawrence Fishboune as The Bowery King in John Wick 2

We don’t even know his full name, let alone much about his various dealings. Therefore, the Bowery King’s mysterious persona is perfect for The Continental, where we expect most characters will be shrouded in mystery. The series will give us a chance to explore the Bowery King’s origins, the details of which are completely unknown.

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As of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the Bowery King is at odds with the Continental, and we could see his vengeance realized on the show. If it were up to us, we’d opt to see the Bowery King’s past rather than what the future holds for him.

5 Sofia

Halle Berry as Sofia in John Wick Chapter 3
Halle Berry in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

At present, the only thing we know about Sofia’s characterization is that she’s a friend of John Wick. All of her screentime in Parabellum was spent helping John out of his situation, after which she departed to parts unknown.

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With Sofia being part of the international Continental, this opens up many opportunities for us to see the assassins around the world. Sofia was a great character, and perhaps The Continental should feature her without John. This will give us insights into who she is as a person, and not as a supporting character. Of course, she won’t be the main character on the show, but a few episodes should be dedicated to her.

4 A New Dog

An animal as part of the main cast has promise too. If you haven’t noticed yet, the John Wick films have several moments dedicated to dogs – this is meant to represent loyalty. Where would this franchise be without a prominent canine companion?

In The Continental, the main character should certainly own a dog. It would be a great way to link the show with the wider franchise, and would be even more interesting if John Wick himself isn't as prominent of a character and isn't the owner.

3 Aurelio

Being such a well-known actor, it’s surprising John Leguizamo didn’t have much of a role in the series, despite being in two films. He’s one of the very few people who John Wick can call a friend, and we need some of this loyalty in The Continental.

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It can’t all be hitmen going out and killing people without taking any prisoners, and Aurelio can be the voice of reason we need on the show. Like Sofia, Aurelio’s characterization has solely been centered around John, which leaves out many storylines that can be exclusive to him. The most intriguing angle would be showing where Aurelio fits in now that John is a wanted man.

2 Abram Tarasov

Characters who serve as foils for others are very important when it comes to introducing new protagonists, and Tarasov is the man for the job. If you hadn’t seen John Wick before watching John Wick: Chapter 2, then Tarasov’s fearful description of John would’ve been enough for you to understand who he was dealing with.

Tarasov’s role in The Continental should continue as before: he's a man living in fear, who becomes embroiled in the Continental’s affairs due to matters that are out of his hands. Cowardly characters are vital in making us believe the strong characters are the real deal, which would make Tarasov appropriate for the series.

1 Winston

The ending of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum left it ambiguous whether Winston really did become the new antagonist or if he’s just pretending so he could let John live. Either way, Winston is now highly interesting, since he’s the one connecting everyone to the Continental.

We should see him interacting with the new main characters, and remain behind the scenes rather than getting involved directly. Winston is the man we need for The Continental’s format to be established, seeing as he’s the director of the hotel. Alternatively, his descent into the dark side can be expanded upon on the show if the creators want to make him the overall antagonist. Whichever course they take, you've got to consider the guy who runs The Continental while writing The Continental, haven't you? At the same time, though, Ian McShane has stated that he won't be appearing in the show, so that's very interesting.

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