John Wick 2 Director Promises ‘Twice as Much Action’ In Sequel

Keanu Reeves

One of the biggest surprises to come out of 2014 was the return of Keanu Reeves as a formidable action star. His role in The Matrix films made him one of the biggest at the turn of the millennium, but he could never quite reach that level of fame again. That is until John Wick hit theaters and Reeves let audiences and the Tarasov's know that he is in fact back. The film was a fresh property that seemed to come out of nowhere but got audiences interested thanks to an emotional story and plenty of insane action sequences.

With the immensely favorable response to the film, the announcement of the sequel was a surprise to no one. Fans have been eagerly awaiting to get any news for John Wick: Chapter 2. The first poster dropped earlier today, but Reeves in a nice suit is nothing new to the franchise. Those involved know they must deliver on the action just as before, and apparently they are not only going to bring the same quality, but double the amount of times audiences will see it.

In an interview with EW, director Chad Stahelski was asked about the level of the action scenes in his second go around with the character. In his effort to make the film exceed expectations and fulfill the need of the audiences seeing John Wick kill handfuls of bad guys, they have decided to have twice as many action scenes for the sequel, including a gigantic car chase to open up the film:

“I would say we had twice as much action as the first movie. We took it all a full notch up as far as the driving car stuff went. A great portion of the car chase in the opening of the film is Keanu, which is very impressive.”

The fact that the sequel is doubling down on what made the first so enjoyable should be music to the ears of people who enjoyed the original. With double the amount of action, they are not going to waste any time on getting audiences into the film. John Wick spent a lot of time early on setting up who he is, and developing the emotional center of the film. The sequel will focus on the fallout from the first film, so it is exciting to know that they are going to jump right back into the action for the sequel.

Outside of the action, audiences will also be seeing more of The Continental according to Stahelski, but with the bigger scope of the sequel, it could be a different location entirely. It should be interesting to see how much further they explore the world that John Wick lives in. Laurence Fisherburn will be joining the film, who Stahelski referred to as "The Bowery King," plus other new additions such as Ruby Rose and Common. With twice the action, do not be surprised if all of these character get involved at some point.

While more action sounds great, it will be important for the sequel to not simply rely on these sequences to carry the film. John Wick stood out because of the mix of action and heart that was at the center of the story, so it will be interesting to see how they try to bring that into the fold with Chapter Two.

John Wick: Chapter Two arrives in theaters February 10, 2017.

Source: EW

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