5 Action Heroes John Wick Can Beat (& 5 He Can't)

John Wick is the ultimate hitman, but which action stars would Keanu Reeves' character defeat? And, who would prove too much for Wick?

Since 2014, the mysterious and moody John Wick has brought a new name to action movies in his trilogy. As an expert assassin, Wick has a lot of amazing fighting skills and weapons techniques that we could only wish we had.

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The fact that he's played by the lovable Keanu Reeves makes Wick an even bigger icon in action movie history and puts him among the most dominant figures. Which leaves us wondering, who stands a chance in a fight against the assassin? Here are five action movie heroes that can beat John Wick and five that would struggle.

10 Can't Beat: Jason Bourne (Bourne Franchise)

Jason Bourne is a super spy, basically created in a lab to take on the worst enemies the CIA has to offer. Given Bourne's background, this makes him a pretty dominant opponent for John Wick.

Although it would be a pretty close fight, Bourne would have the edge due to his superhuman combat skills and his experience fighting some of the best assassins in the world and even taking on the CIA. Plain and simple, John Wick hasn't seen an opponent like Jason Bourne and it could very well lead to his downfall.

9 Can Beat: John McClane (Die Hard Franchise)

Yippee-ki-yay, this smart mouth hero cop that can't seem to catch a break is a legend to most action movie fans. starring in the Die Hard franchises, McClane has taken on terrorists and bad guys alike, and always coming out victorious...until now.

Although McClane is a proven fighter, he's no match for John Wick who can easily disarm and knock out Mcclane before he can say "Christmas." This might upset Die Hard fans but the fact of the matter is that McClane's fighting style and action sequences are a lot simpler than anything in John Wick, making the latter the clear winner.

8 Can't Beat: James Bond (James Bond Franchise)

Good looks, charm, and never before seen gadgets, it seems 007 has the edge in several ways against John Wick and can prove to be another worthy opponent for him. Although the James Bond mantle has been assumed by a lot of different actors in his 66-year history, John Wick just doesn't have the experience to face Bond.

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James Bond has saved the world on several occasions and his strategic mind and fighting skills rival those of Batman. And to add insult to injury, John Wick would struggle to beat any of the Bond villains. Sorry, John, 007 is just too much.

7 Can Beat: Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Franchise)

We all love Indy, the world's best archeologists whose intelligence and a knack for adventure have led him to accomplish many impressive feats. Although we've seen him punch Nazis and fight armies, Dr. Jones is better known for his brains than his brawn.

This is why he wouldn't stand a chance against John Wick. Indy arguably does not have elite fighting skills and although he uses his whip expertly, it wouldn't be much of a match for Wick. Although their paths would likely never cross, Wick would easily have the upper hand. Lets's hope we never see this battle.

6 Can't Beat: Neo (Matrix Trilogy)

This is arguably the closest (and weirdest) fight on the list and could be one for the ages. Neo, the protagonist in the Matrix Trilogy might be John Wick's most formidable opponent. The two have similar fighting styles (mostly due to the same choreographers working in both franchises), this fight could last half a movie.

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With a lot of bullet dodging, building jumping, car chases, and just about everything an action movie can bring, this would be a fight to watch. In the end, Neo would take the win but it would not be easy.

5 Can Beat: John Rambo (Rambo Franchise)

Despite being one of the most prominent action icons, Rambo doesn't stand a chance against John Wick. As a man who's best known for his guerilla tactics and the element of surprise, his way of fighting will fall very short to Wick.

Wick is trained to see and hear anything out of the ordinary so he could easily spot Rambo from a mile away. The only chance Rambo would have is if he gets the opportunity to overpower Wick, which would be unlikely to happen.

4 Can't Beat: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Franchise)

Similar to Indiana Jones, Lara Croft has accomplished some of the most impressive archeological feats but unlike Indy, Croft has years of fighting experience with some of the best of the best. She defines adventure and her relentlessness wouldn't translate well in a fight against John Wick.

Croft never backs down and she has a lot to live for, two advantages that could be deadly for John Wick. Although she is more likely to run into Indiana Jones, Croft could take on Wick and prove to be victorious. Whether its the Angelina Jolie or the Alicia Vikander version, John Wick better watch out.

3 Can Beat: Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible Franchise)

Another highly debatable fight between two very skilled opponents but this one would definitely depend on the terrain and the fighting rules. If we're betting solely on knives or guns to fight, John Wick would take it without competition. If we're fighting on top of a helicopter or on the edge of a mountain, Ethan Hunt would take it 10/10 times.

Mission Impossible is known for their ridiculous stunts and action-packed scenes so Ethan Hunt wouldn't flinch if the fight came down to an impossible situation. However, Wick would probably know the limits of his opponent and force a fight in an advantageous setting. It would very much be a close fight.

2 Can't Beat: The Terminator (Terminator Franchise)

This one is pretty simple. The only '80s action star that would prove victorious against a 21st-century assassin is not a man but a machine. The Terminator could easily take out John Wick and he wouldn't even see it coming.

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Impervious to basically any human weapon, Wick wouldn't even know how to dent the T2's skeleton and would be dead in a matter of seconds. It sounds harsh but this version of the T-800 would come from the first movie where he stopped at nothing to complete his mission. If his mission is to kill John Wick, there wouldn't be much the latter could do.

1 Can Beat: Bryan Mills (Taken)

Known for his particular set of skills in saving his daughter from terrorists, Bryan Mills is the total super dad. Unfortunately, his particular set of skills wouldn't be a match for a killing machine who has plenty of experience taking on sicarios, gangsters, and assassins.

Mills would just be another mercenary, nothing Wick hasn't seen before. Although Mills wouldn't be easy to take down, he would be defeated by the younger and more skilled John Wick. Add the fact that Wick has literally come back from near death, Mills wouldn't know what hit him. It would definitely be a fight worth watching though.

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