John Wick 3 Will Be Seeing You In One Year

John Wick: Chapter 3 begins its countdown to release one year from now with a new motion poster. Keanu Reeves' career got a huge boost, of course, in October 2014 when the revenge thriller John Wick debuted, earning $88 million worldwide against a $20 million budget. And while those weren't exactly blockbuster numbers, there apparently was a tidy enough profit for Lionsgate/Summit to come back three years later with John Wick: Chapter 2, which more than doubled the original's domestic box office take ($92 million vs. $43 million) on its way to a solid worldwide haul of $171.5 million.

Naturally, the John Wick franchise had acquired the momentum it needed by that point to launch John Wick: Chapter 3 into production, as John Wick (Reeves) left Chapter 2 of the film series open with virtually everybody's crosshairs on the former assassin as the film wrapped up. The third film kicked into high gear recently with the reveal of the plot at CinemaCon - Wick's got a $14 million open contract on his life after breaking a central rule of killing someone on Continental Hotel grounds and uses the service industry of New York to stay alive - and the announcement earlier this month that the film began principal photography.

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Now, just over a week into filming, John Wick: Chapter 3 (which has the working title Parabellum) is marking a momentous day on the calendar: May 17, which is one year to the day that the film will debut in theaters. The production released a black-and-white motion poster on Twitter that evolves from a blurry figure into a disheveled John Wick with a blood stain on his shirt, standing in the rain, along with the ominous words, "Be seeing you ... IN ONE YEAR" fading into view, followed by "JW3." See the tweet below:

Fans will no doubt get hyped up over the motion poster's release, and can officially begin the year-long countdown to the film's release. The exciting thing is, John Wick: Chapter 3 has all of Reeves' principal collaborators coming back, from director Chad Stahelski and screenwriter Derek Kohlstad to co-stars Ian McShane, Common and Laurence Fishburne - whose brief but brilliant role as the Bowery King in Chapter 2 screamed for his larger involvement in Chapter 3. On top of that, reports surfaced last month that the production was eyeing Halle Berry to play the female lead.

In a bit of fun irony, John Wick's next chapter is getting a welcome bump via a cruel but funny joke early on in Deadpool 2 because the film's director, David Leitch, unofficially co-directed the first John Wick with Stahelski.

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  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019) release date: May 17, 2019
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