John Wick 3: Keanu Reeves Shares His Story Idea

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[SPOILERS for John Wick: Chapter Two ahead.]


It seems that a rejuvenated Keanu Reeves is just bursting with ideas for new installments into his best loved franchises as of late. Just over a week ago, Reeves shared his story pitch for a potential Bill & Ted 3, during a talk show appearance. Then, in an interview reported on earlier today, Reeves made it known that he's up for returning to play Neo in a potential Matrix 4, provided the Wachowskis are willing to come back as both writers and directors.

While those ideas are all well and good, one can't forget Reeves' current franchise of the moment, John Wick. Bursting onto the scene as a lower-profile release back in 2014, John Wick blew audiences away with its adrenaline-fueled hand to hand fight scenes and eye-catching gun battles, quickly turning into a sleeper hit at the box office. This led to the creation of the recently-released John Wick: Chapter 2, which by many accounts actually tops the original, and has hauled in more cash in less than two weeks than its progenitor did in its entire theatrical run.

With this much success now tied to the burgeoning John Wick franchise, it's only natural that thoughts are now beginning to turn toward a potential John Wick 3. After all, the ending of Chapter 2 certainly serves as a hell of a sequel hook. During a recent appearance on the Empire Podcast, both Reeves and director Chad Stahelski sat down to discuss the franchise, with Reeves offering his ideas for where a John Wick 3 could take the story:

"I think the opening of the film should be Wick just trying to escape from New York. Literally trying to get off the island. Maybe he asks [Lawrence Fisburne's character] the Bowery King for help. Maybe John Leguizamo comes and helps me out. "John, I can't do it, you're excommunicado!"

"Maybe the High Table shows up. And then the High Table starts firing guns. And then maybe this kind of thing starts to happen between the High Table and Continental? Maybe John is the activator of this confrontation, and perhaps there's a war? Wouldn't that be awesome?!"

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Considering that Chapter 2 began mere days after the events of the original John Wick, it's not too hard to imagine Reeves and Stahelski opting to go with this kind of immediate sequel idea. Such a scenario would certainly begin the film on a high-octane note, as the end of Chapter 2 featured John potentially facing off against literally hundreds of trained assassins on his way out of the series' apparently assassin-infested version of NYC.

The idea of the High Table squaring off against the Continental also seems like a plausible continuation of Chapter 2, since Winston's fondness for John - and willingness to sometimes bend the rules for him - probably wouldn't sit all that well with those sitting at the High Table. It'll also be interesting to see if anyone else affiliated with the Continental network decides to assist John out of friendship in Chapter 3, despite his current status.

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Source: Empire

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