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John Wick 3 Kill Count

164 people died in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, but a new video from Screen Rant packs them all into just two minutes of non-stop action. Though every movie in the John Wick series has involved numerous scenes with gunplay, John Wick 3 may have been the most violent of the trilogy. This time, Keanu Reeves' action hero wasn't the only one taking the fight to the bad guys - but he was leading the way.

Following the cliffhanger ending of John Wick 2, the third film in the series follows John Wick as he struggles to survive after making enemies of the secret criminal organization known as the High Table. The High Table sends assassin after assassin to kill John Wick, but comes up short every time. As John Wick fights his way through an army of hitmen, other characters are drawn into the mix, including Sofia (Halle Berry), Charon (Lance Reddick), the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne), and Winston (Ian McShane). John's battles with the assassins lead to a final showdown between Wick and their leader, Zero (Mark Dacascos).

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John Wick 3's extremely high body count is chronicled in a new Screen Rant video that shows each and every kill, one by one. The number at the bottom of the screen gets higher with each gunshot (or knife kill). In just two minutes, the body count goes from "1" to "164", which ends with John Wick killing his last victim, Zero. Since John Wick isn't the only character doing the killing in his third movie, the death toll also includes kills made by Sofia, the other assassins, and even a horse.

So while the biggest chunk of the kills in John Wick 3 comes from the titular character, this installment puts more emphasis than usual on other characters helping John. Given the sheer number of assassins and criminals that John Wick is forced to go up against in the movie, as well as the story's impact on characters like the Bowery King, it makes sense for the action in John Wick 3 to be on such a large scale. John, Sofia, the Bowery King's henchmen, and even Sofia's brutal attack dogs all get their fair share of the action in the film.

Of course, no one in the movie spills more blood than John Wick himself. In three movies, John Wick has killed an impressive total of 306 people, and it's a safe bet that when John Wick 4 rolls around, John will leave another trail of bodies as he takes on the High Table.

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