John Wick 3 Clip Confirms Nothing Bad Happens To The Dog

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum clip essentially confirms nothing bad will happen to John's beloved pet pitbull. Canine companions, of course, have been a staple of the action franchise since its inception back in 2014. The inciting incident of the entire trilogy was the senseless murder of the puppy Daisy, who was a gift to John from his dying wife. After mowing through countless foes and extracting revenge on Iosef Tarasov, John rescued a pitbull and looked to once again start a life of peace.

When the Baba Yaga was called back into action in Chapter 2, John (and the filmmakers) knew no dogs could be at risk. Before heading off to Rome on assignment, John made sure to leave the unnamed pitbull in the safe company of the Continental's concierge, Charon. The two apparently enjoyed each other's company while John was fighting for his life, which is a good thing because it looks like Charon will be dog-sitting for Mr. Wick once again.

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Lionsgate released an official clip from Parabellum, in which John summons a taxi so he can go to the New York Public Library. But when an ensuing traffic jam complicates matters, John tells the driver to take the dog to the Continental and says goodbye to his furry friend. Watch it in the space below:

At the end of Chapter 2, John was excommunicado and had a $14 million bounty placed on his head for breaking Continental rules. Due to the respect Winston has for John, a one-hour grace period was instituted before the assassins came hunting. That explains why time is very much of the essence and Wick can't afford to sit in the back of a taxi for an extended period. While Continental services are off-limits to John (at least at the beginning of the film), he still has allies in that world. Charon, who voluntarily offered to keep an eye on the dog in the previous film, would likely accept the responsibility again.

This clip not only alleviates any fears that another dog may die in a John Wick film, it also illustrates what sets these movies apart from other action titles. The series has never been a mindless exercise of violence where Keanu Reeves eliminates enemies in increasingly brutal ways. There's always been a very human, emotional undercurrent that allows audiences to get truly invested and care about what happens onscreen. Hopefully, this is just a temporary farewell and John Wick 3 ends with the two finally putting this all behind them and finding the peace they deserve. That would be an exceptionally cathartic way to cap off the trilogy.

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Source: Lionsgate

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